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Weekend Randoms

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What's going on this weekend?
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Re: Weekend Randoms

  • I woke up at 6:30 with an urgent need for waffles. DH jumped out of bed and my family had waffles for breakfast. I do wish I craved vegetables, but doesn’t seem to be how my brain works right now 


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  • @mercury94 I love that your husband handled that wafflemergency with lightning speed!

    I have an intro to voice over class today that is 3 hours long. I'm hoping that MS doesn't strike while I'm there. I've been waiting for over a month to attend this and I'm very excited. :)

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  • Low key day of grocery shopping and maybe going out for dinner somewhere. Tomorrow, we're having DS watched and going to see the Lion King play!
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  • I'm trying to work up the energy to clean the house, so far I haven't.
  • We had DD1's birthday party today, so I've been busy this week making my house guest-ready. I'm exhausted, but feeling pretty accomplished because the party turned out great and the house is currently cleaner than it's been since DD2 was born. 
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  • My BIL and SIL are visiting this weekend, so it's been a pretty low-key weekend. I'm ready for them to get going this morning though so I can go buy some clothes that fit! 
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