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  • @dunder_mifflin Me too. All I want are carbs. I usually eat a ton of protein and vegetables and low carb, but I am basically living off bread, pasta, and potatoes. If I'm up to it, I'll have smoothies. I think I could eat potatoes for every meal right now and be happy. 

    The nausea seems never ending lately. I just want to feel better and enjoy food again. 
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    I’m 10w1d and have what I can best describe as fullness in my uterus? It’s kind of like I have to pee but I don’t (for once! haha). Figuring this is a normal pregnancy thing?

    *edited because typing on the app. Ugh. 
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  • @dunder_mifflin You're making me feel much better, because I FREAKED out when I weighed myself this weekend, and I'm up 9 lbs.  :#  I've been eating poorly, and I think some of the gain is also because I was previously following WW. I'm anxious about what my doc will say about this Wednesday. 
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  • @MrsVP614 lol glad I’m not the only one! I was low carb and intermittent fasting before, working out daily and trying to get into the best shape before conceiving (didn’t think it would happen that fast!) and now I’m eating all of the carbs, not working out due to exhaustion and moving into to my new house has thrown my routine so I’m with you!! 10 lbs on my 5ft frame looks like 20 but I’m embracing it! It’s likely bloat too :) going to size up in my pants haha. now that I’m settling into my new house and out of my parents’ home I’m going to start eating more complex carbs and grains. I may do a pregnancy-friendly whole 30 to get back on track since whole 30 was the best for my IBS.

    Any other mommas with exasperated IBS symptoms?  All of the wheat I’m eating is really flaring up my IBS. 
  • @dunder_mifflin I want to hear more about pregnancy-friendly whole30! I would so do one with you. 
  • @dunder_mifflin @lemonlove86

    I'm also curious about what a pregnancy friendly whole 30 would be.  I never bothered before, because I didn't want to miss out on alcohol for a month, but hey, here we are!  I think avoiding grains would be challenging for me though, I've been all over the bread/crackers this month. 
  • @dunder_mifflin Yes IBS flare ups here too. I was never confirmed diagnosis with IBS bc there’s no actual test for it, they just said “it’s probably IBS” but I now know it is bc when I found out I was pregnant I started eating a lot of wheat in my diet and I would wake up in the middle of the night with severe lower abdominal pain, have a BM then relief from pain immediately after. So I reduced the amount of wheat I eat and it’s much better now. It’s not a gluten problem bc I still eat other stuff with gluten in it, it’s def wheat triggers for me. Doctor said it’s ok to reduce wheat if it’s not well tolerated by your body. I’m still having loose BM every day which is unusual for me but I’ll take it over constipation bc I have an external hemorrhoid waiting to get flared up too. 

    Also, just wanted to throw it out there for the ladies who are concerned that their symptoms have lessened: I was also super worried to the point of crying every day last weekend but today I went to my first ultrasound and everything looked good. Doc said it’s possible my body is just adjusting quicker. So fx same thing is happening for you ladies! 
  • Anyone else feeling worse as they get closer to end of first tri? I know MS symptoms are a huge spectrum and basically everything is normal except HG, but I’ve had it bad since week 6 and have been controlling well with B6+unisom, snacks, and rest. Just passed 10 weeks, haven’t changed anything, and for the last few days I’ve feeling worse and worse 🥴

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced the same, or if the meds are just less effective a month in. Either way, cheers to Jolly Ranchers and naps. And FX this is the peak! 
  • How about situational fatigue?  For example, over the weekend, I took about 3 naps.  During the day when I'm at work, I'm not feeling noticeably fatigued.  I am going to bed on the earlier side, and still waking up not feeling well-rested, but I find it odd that I'm only feeling compelled to take a nap on the weekend when I don't have much going on!  Maybe it's just a response to being busy vs lazy?  

    @pdx2020 - I can't say my symptoms are getting better or worse, but I'm also three weeks behind you, so still a ways to go!  I do love the Jolly Ranch tip though - my only gripe is that the shape kind of hurts my mouth.  If I have two in a row, then I feel like I'm getting a blister on the roof of my mouth!
  • @julia_xo, maybe switch it up? I have the lollipops, chewy centers, and traditionals. DH is a gem 😂😂 But I definitely feel ya on the blisters after awhile. 
  • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one gaining weight this early! I haven’t gone crazy with eating but it has been a lot of carbs and I’m eating every 2-3 hours. I actually lost a pound between weeks 4 and 5 but now at 8 weeks I’m up 7 pounds. 😭 But also I’m like not pooping, so....

    @pdx2020 I think last pregnancy 10 weeks was the worst for me. It started to get a little better after that, but I wasn’t in the clear until 12 or 13. Everyone is so different. I really hope you feel better soon!
  • Hooboy! Mornings are getting harder. I’m so shaky and weak, and food is starting to make my stomach turn. Of course, food is what I need to not feel shaky. It’s a delightful catch 22. I am getting really worried about starting back to school in two weeks. 
  • @Semuelle77 I love that Catch 22. Right there with you! I hope that your symptoms are more manageable in 2 weeks!

    @pdx2020 My morning sickness with DS never really went away, and it was it's worst 11-14 weeks. I always try to remind people, as awful as it is, it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy! That's something!

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  • Nine weeks and no real nausea, I feel it creeping up sometimes but I graze throughout the day. Then get heartburn, even from water it seems. Sore boobs but I've been massaging them. Severe eczema on my legs, it's a nightmare really as you're not supposed to itch it but sometimes I just sit there and scratch and scratch. I am not treating it with the prescribed steroid cream, just have to deal I guess. My pants aren't buttoning but honestly I can blame that on my sweet tooth as my husband is blaming me for his pants not fitting as well!
  • @wolfcub2020 I feel you on the sore boobs and snug pants....I’m at 8w and definitely wasn’t expecting the snugness so soon but it’s been carb-city over here! 
  • Omg ya’ll! I’m a bottomless pit!! I am eating every 2 hours and just can’t seem to feel full! I thought this happens later on in pregnancy!? Lol And also...I am freaking TIRED. I’ve had some fatigue the last couple weeks but seems like the fatigue hit me hard this week! I feel almost flu-ish tired! All I want to do is 💤 and 🍴! Work is a struuuuggle!
  • @mrsc918 same here on the hunger! Just started yesterday or so for me (I’m 10+3) and I have pretty extreme hunger pangs that wake me up in the morning. Luckily it’s not the same nausea pangs I’d been having for the last 6 weeks or so, but as a FTM I thought they hit later too! 
  • @wolfcub2020 I LOVE your profile name!!! My pants aren’t exactly fitting as they should either but ehhhh.

    @kagesstarshroom OMG that headline is lol. But the thought of a burrito for some reason is a major and totally random aversion for me this pregnancy. With DS, I actually gagged when I saw or someone mentioned pancakes. What the heck?

    @mrsc918 I always am a bottomless pit earlier on especially when I get up in the morning. It feels like I ran 20 miles and NEED food, but no, just slept…… in the third trimester you might find the eating actually slows down because there is no space and acid reflux is NO JOKE then haha. And totally feel you on work being a struggle. I actually feel badly, but I am SO low energy here.


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  • @kagesstarshroom OMG that headline  :D :D :D So freaking true. I keep snacks in my purse and have whipped them out on very random, awkward occasions because #necessary. 

    @kantobean @MrsVP614 are you guys using the same scale to weigh yourselves? Yesterday I was weighed at a docs office (non-OB appt), and from that number thought I'd already gained 9+ lbs. Then I weighed myself on my home scale - which is what gave me my pre-pregnancy weight - and I've actually gained 4> lbs. 

    @julia_xo yup to situational fatigue. Depending on the day I can do some serious napping, and I'm usually not a napper. 

    @MrsC968 @lemonlove86 all totally normal for 1st tri! With my first pregnancy I was shocked at how many symptoms show up early on. 

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  • @stassischroeder yea I use the same scale. I had weighed myself at home before my first OB appt though and they were pretty close. 

    I’m craving canned foods 😬 like soup and today at the store I saw those canned beef raviolis which normally I think are pretty gross but it looked so good I had to have them for lunch. Usually I try to avoid cans bc of the sodium so this is odd. DH thinks maybe my body needs more sodium but it could just be weird.  
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  • @varimama I definitely think our bodies crave what we need - at least in some capacity. Like I'm sure my body doesn't NEED Cheetos, but our tiny bebes are sucking up all of our glucose, and carbs/junk food are most easily converted into glucose. And now I'm craving canned raviolis  :D Also, there are plenty of women who gain a lot early on, and not as much in 3rd tri. 

    *Formerly LuND*
    Me: 35 | DH: 37
    TTC: 7/2016
    Low AMH, mild MFI
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    BFP #2 7/2/19
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  • @stassischroeder I am definitely remembering that baby-is-taking-all-my-glucose next time I feel bad about allllll the carbs. 
  • @MrsVP614 Oh wow those cupcakes sound divine!  I waaaaaaaaant!  Lol!
  • @kantobean bagels with cream cheese have been my go-to this pregnancy.  I've also started eating Ritz crackers with cream cheese too, to change things up a little lol.

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  • @kantobean hard yes to cheese pizza. I brought some home after a school event yesterday and that was breakfast this morning. 
  • @kantobean omg yes all I’ve been wanting is a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast!! I’ve always loved cream cheese so I’m glad pregnancy hasn’t been messing with that lol
  • ayboaybo
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    I hate meat basically by itself. This is so strange because I’m a meat eater... Food that is cooking makes me want to puke. I haven’t cooked in two weeks. This is totally different then with my first. I don’t crave and foods, if I try it I’ll probably be ok and eat it. The nausea sucks all the time and it was like that with my first. I’m 7w 3d and I just want to eat normal again! I’ve lost weight but I’m a lil over weight anyway. My body is on overload and baby is sucking the life out of me. Lol It’s ok though I’ll gain it back! 🤰🏻 
  • @aybo I’m with you! I’m not having any cravings but am repulsed by a lot of food. Problem is i get nauseous if I don’t eat every two hours, so I’ve been eating all bland, carby foods.

    @stacey6689 @kantobean @kailanae yes to bagels with cream cheese! DH makes one every morning as soon as I get up because I feel so sick if i don’t eat immediately. I was like that with DD too!
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  • @laurenm2123 - same with aversions, no real cravings except the every other weekend sausage mcGriddle.

    Legit woke up...preghangry. I texted DH to bring up some cheese when he got home, but I passed out. Woke up smelling pizza around 1 am, and was like I NEED. but I was so tired, cranky, hungry, I could barely get out of bed. He brought up a slice and literally as soon as I finished it, I passed out again. 
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    EDD: 3/19/20

  • I cannot stay awake no matter how hard I try. I have a teacher schedule and no other children so I take advantage of the time but I also feel so much guilt like I'm wasting my days away sleeping. I feel like I've been awake maybe a total of 48 hours this whole week.
  • @babyfox320 don’t feel guilty!! I’m a school nurse so same schedule and i did nothing for the first 20ish weeks of my pregnancy after work due to fatigue and nausea. Then i had a baby and got even more tired  :# Obviously the tiredness gets so my better after the newborn phase, but now being pregnant with #2 i just have to power through until her bedtime. So take advantage!!! Enjoy every nap/tv show with your feet up/early to bed you can!!!!
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