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Recurrent Miscarriage

Do any of you know of any REs that specialize in recurrent miscarriage (preferably on the east coast)? I really like my clinic and RE, but would like to get a second opinion. Thanks!
History in Signature 
Me & DH: 33
September 2015: Chemical pregnancy/Miscarriage
October 2016:  1st IUI - BFN
November 2016: 2nd IUI - Cancelled due to cyst
December 2016:  3rd IUI - BFN
January 2017: 4th IUI - BFN
April 2017: 1st IVF Retrieval - 3 embryos (1 transferred, 2 frozen) - BFP 
May 2017: Missed miscarriage @ 7 weeks, D&C
August 2017: 1st FET - BFP & Miscarriage @ 6 weeks
November 2017: Hysteroscopy to remove adhesion 
December 2017: 2nd FET - BPF & Miscarriage @ 6 weeks
February 2018: 2nd IVF Retrieval - 1 embryo, PGS tested normal 
August 2018: 3rd FET - BFP & Miscarriage @ 5 weeks
September 2018: DX with blood clotting disorder
November 2018: 3rd IVF Retrieval - 2 embryos, both abnormal 
February 2019: 4th IVF Retrieval w/TESA for DH - 2 Embryos, both PGS tested normal
April 2019: ERA test
June 2019: 4th FET - BFP & Miscarriage @ 5 weeks

Re: Recurrent Miscarriage

  • I don't know any specialists, but I see you have a blood clotting disorder. So do I. What regimen has your RE talked to you about? I know that is why I lost at least 2-3 of my pregnancies because the genetic testing came back normal on them. If I don't "catch" a pregnancy early (like immediately after missed period), it's too late. With my firstborn, I found out before missed period and started baby aspirin and progesterone and it was successful. Lost two more after her and then started the aspirin again before trying once more which was successful. My RE now has the plan for me to continue aspirin OR potentially getting heparin or the like. Most of my m/c's were between 6-8 weeks too. Seems if I make it to 8-9 weeks with a HB, then all is ok (so long as I stay on aspirin). 
    Me: 43yo, DH: 46yo
    3 Daughters (singleton @27yo, ID Twins @34yo)
    Protein S Deficiency (Blood Clotting Disorder) - reason for 2 of my M/C's
    4 MC's:  Blighted Ovum-D&C @ 9wks;  Natural MC @ 7wks; Blighted Ovum-D&C @ 9wks; MC genetically normal boy-D&C @ 9wks
    Tubes were tied after my Twins. Remarried and want to give my DH a baby!
    IVF#1 June 2019 - ER 6/15/19, 24R, 21M, 20F, 7 6DBlasts Frozen for PGS Testing,
    RESULTS of PGS 4 abnormal girls,  2 abnormal boys, 1 indeterminate girl
    FET#1 August 23, 2019 (transferring 1 indeterminate girl & 1 abnormal boy)
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