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  • My little alien at 9 weeks 3 days heart rate of 173 😊
  • My little alien at 9 weeks 3 days heart rate of 173 😊
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  • Did an elective ultrasound today! Baby is measuring 5 days ahead. Our gender reveal is tonight! Based on this US, what do you think?? 
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    My sweet little chunky boy at 14 weeks and 3 days. 


  • @dunder_mifflin I know. Isn't he so cute? I'm in love.
  • @jenEP omg I love that photo!!! You got such a good one!! 
  • @jenEP omg what an adorable and amazing shot of your little guy!  He is so cute!  That thumb-sucking! <3  :)
  • @Malidocious wow! Are you going to ask for your money back from Sneak Peek if the anatomy scan confirms that its a girl?

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  • @stassischroeder You bet!  Not out of anger or anything, just because that's their policy and I might as well get my money back too if others are, lol.
  • @Malidocious glad you finally found out for sure! My cousin who has 5 kids (boys and girls) and is an U/S tech said that if they get the between the legs shot and aren’t 100% sure then it’s a girl, boys are obvious. I haven’t had a girl yet so I can’t speak to that but once we got the baby to move his legs open a bit it was really obvious and I didn’t need her to tell us 🤣
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  • @varimama Thanks!!  The tech said the same thing — boys are usually very obvious.  She would have declared mine a girl the first day had we not gotten the Sneak Peek test done that said boy.  But I definitely don't see any boy parts, lol.  She even showed us an ultrasound she had done earlier in the day of a baby boy and it was very apparent what I was looking at.   :D 
  • @stac4056 Omg that picture is hilarious!  Baby yoga!  So glad you had a great scan.  :) 
  • @stac4056 I'm obsessed with that picture! Glad your scan was great!
  • @heyahelmett Congrats on a good scan.  I actually yawned when I saw the pic. How weird!
    Going in Monday and feeling excited! I’ll be exactly 20 Weeks. We haven’t seen baby since our 1st US at 8 weeks! 
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