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Introduction (Loss Mentioned)

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Hi all, 

Just wanted to introduce myself; I could really use support, and look forward to participating in this community and supporting others, too. 

We've been TTC off and on for a while now, and were first interrupted by discovering I had massive fibroids (14 total, my uterus was the size of a 5 month pregnancy). I knew I had fibroids, but had been advised by my ob/gyn that they weren't in the cavity so I was best off TTC...turns out they grew rapidly, made me anemic, and made it impossible to conceive, of course. I had an open myomectomy May 2018, and a very tough recovery. We started TTC in February of 2019, and got our first BFP March 2019. I miscarried at 7 weeks. We got our second BFP in June 2019, but I've just miscarried again, this time around 6 weeks. I'm 40, and generally take good care of myself, but my AMH is pretty low. My doctor wants me to move to IVF ASAP, or at least do egg retrieval before trying naturally any longer. 

I'm having a really hard time letting the idea of trying naturally go (and can hardly stand that at the moment we could be trying and aren't), but my doc thinks I will just continue to miscarry and is pretty adamant that I move forward with egg retrieval. So I'm trying to convince myself. She is pressuring me to do it NOW, but I have travel and work commitments that make it difficult until the last week of September. My feeling is that I can use that time to continue supplements I've started recently, quit drinking wine/coffee, clean up my diet, and just generally feel I've given it my best shot. She doesn't love this plan but agreed to it. Wondered what others think and how you are preparing yourself if you have a few months before egg retrieval.   

Re: Introduction (Loss Mentioned)

  • Hello and welcome! Did your doctor explain to you why she thinks you need to go right into an egg retrieval? I would probably get a second opinion on that. I wonder if there's any way to help you maintain a pregnancy if you conceive naturally. Is your doctor a reproductive endocrinologist (RE)? They are experts in this field. If she is I would still get a second opinion before jumping right into IVF.
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  • At 40 (like me being over 40), your miscarriages are more likely to be related to chromosomal issues. That is why your doctor wants you to do retrieval I bet (to get eggs on ice before you get any older). I wouldn't doubt they would recommend PGS testing as well because it is better to know you are transferring a "normal" embryo.

    In my case, 90% of eggs at my age are "bad" and proved right in my case because in my first egg retrieval in June I had 24 eggs retrieved, 21 mature and only 7 made it to blast stage and not 1 was "normal". I have one that they were not able to give me a result on so we will be trying that one, but all you can do is try to up your chances of having better egg quality.

    I have read a lot on here and elsewhere and started taking CoQ10, L-Arginine and some people also suggest Royal Jelly as a supplement as well as DHEA to help with everything. Also, start drinking electrolyte water. Heard that helps too. I am doing all I can because at nearly 44, It is very unlikely I will get many normal eggs (if even just 1). 

    Good luck to you!!
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