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Thoughts?? I'm so conflicted

Am I in the wrong for not letting my bd's family be in our son's life and considering not letting his father see him unless he helps out financially or are my actions justified? My baby's father's family hasn't done anything and still don't do anything for my son but expect me to let them laugh and smile in his face🤔🤔the ONLY people really investing their time, money, and energy into my son are myself and my family🙅🏾‍♀️ it's sad how my mom and siblings are doing more for my child than his own father is doing for him but he wants to get upset when I speak on it🤨 his family kept insisting on him getting a dna test and saying they didn't believe the baby was his behind my back, the only thing they've done since he was born was ask to see him not do you guys need anything, how can we help, etc. My son is now 3 months and not even a single shirt or diapers have been bought for him even though they are financially able to provide. His family knows how bad we're struggling with him financially and so far only me and my family really provide for my son. His dad puts his job and own needs before our son such as food, bills, jewelry, etc but gets mad whenever I mention it to him or tell him I need stuff for the baby and that I'm getting tired of buying everything since I'm not his only parent. I understand we're both young but he makes way more than me comparing his full time 15/16 an hour job and side job doing lyft/uber to my part time 10 an hour job yet can't buy our son what he needs whenever I ask. I can count on one hand the things he's bought since I've been pregnant and given birth.
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