Retrieval Results - Looking for some insight!

Hi everyone! Just got our Day 1 results after ER yesterday. They retrieved 26 eggs and 23 were mature. Only 9 fertilized but they said they will keep them to see if things change by day 3 and see if more ended up dividing. I'm super bummed by the number since the embryologist said they usually expect at least 50% but we are dealing with Male Factor. Has anyone else had this happen and still had success? I'm hoping the 9 that fertilized are strong and make it to freeze.

Re: Retrieval Results - Looking for some insight!

  • Did they use ICSI or just natural fertilization? We also had lower fertilization rate (but no male factor) -- 9 mature eggs, only 5 fertilized. The doctor says it usually a sign of issues with the sperm. If they didn't use ICSI, what was their reason as with male factor I would think that it would be pretty straightforward to go with ICSI...
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    Unfortunately we are also dealing with MFI. These were my numbers
    IVF 1 13 mature eggs, 7 fertilized, 2 made it to day 5. Transferred both. Failed IVF
    IVF 2 12 retrieved, 8 mature, 5 fertilized, 2 made it to day 3. Transferred both. Failed IVF. 

    My doctor said low fertilization rate can be an egg or sperm issue but a rapid decline in the number of embryos indicates a sperm issue. Ultimately we think my DH has a genetic issue preventing embryos from developing past a certain point. We used a donor for IVF3 and just transferred 3 embryos today. Good luck!! 
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  • Male factor here also. We had 20 eggs retrieved, 12 were mature, 10 fertilized, 8 blasts, 7 pgs normal. I think everything about IVF is just a crapshoot honestly.
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    FET #2 (April 2019) = BFN
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    @wifeinraleigh28 you are totally right!
  • This might be kind of late but your results also depend on the drug protocol the doctor decides to use and how you respond to it.

    my first egg retrievel:
    28 eggs retrieved 
    26 mature
    24 fertilized
    20 made it to day 3
    17 made it to day 5

    second egg retrieval 
    23 eggs retrieved 
    11 mature
    9 fertilized
    9 made it to day 3
    4 made it to day 5

    the only difference between the two retrievals is the first retrieval i had more gonal f than menopur and the second retrieval they swapped it and i had double the amount of menopur and hapf as much gonal f.
    they dont know until they try it, how you will respond in terms of quality of eggs and quantity.

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