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Reintroduction (loss mentioned) Femara CD1?

I'm almost 26 and have been ttc on and off since 2014. I went through a divorce, took time off, found my amazing bf, and been trying again for several months. In April I moved to another state where the doctor wanted me to try Femara for the first time. I was super shocked to find out it worked but unfortunately I lost the baby a few weeks later. My doctor believes its because I ovulated late and my uterus was no longer ideal for growing a baby. This is my first cycle since then and we're trying femara again. Last time I took it CD 4, this time she wanted on CD 3 with a higher dosage.  Well I had red spotting for 4 days when I called her asking what to do. She said to take them so I did and later that night AF came in full blown. So now I'm not sure if I took it on CD 4 or 1. Has anyone heard of success with taking it on day 1. I'm super nervous about it, plus she didn't give me a higher dosage like she said she would and the point in that was to make sure I ovulated on time. So if its earlier with a lower dosage will that be okay? I'm just super concerned about this cycle already because I can't seem to find anything on the internet about femara and CD 1. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! 
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