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How to talk to husband about FIL?

I have a 10wo and I go black to work tomorrow. My FIL is coming to visit soon for 5 days. My husband and FIL will be home alone with the baby for 3 days. I have always felt a little leary of my FIL. He has boundary issues that give me pause. I do not want him left alone with my daughter. My husband likes take naps in the afternoon. I am concerned he will ask FIL to stay up with her alone for a few hours. How can I talk to my husband about this without making him defensive? I don't have any concrete reasoning for this. It is just an intuition. Help me find the words. 

Re: How to talk to husband about FIL?

  • I think you need to figure out what it is that is bothering you or worrying you, rather than just generalizing that you don’t like or trust his dad.
    If you have serious concerns for baby’s welfare, please find a sitter or arrange for someone else to come by the house. 
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