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Help! Buying stroller and car seat!!

Hey everyone,
     So i'm really stressing out about what stroller and car seat to get. Everytime i think i found one, there's always a feature about it i hate and don't want it anymore! 😞😫. Please, please, give me names of gd stroller system within a gd price range. I would really like a foward and parent facing stroller.

Re: Help! Buying stroller and car seat!!

  • Hi @dorissmile,
    We have a whole thread dedicated to strollers and car seats. You would have better luck scrolling through that and posting your question there.
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    Everyone thinks they need the newest and fanciest thing for their baby because it's all they've ever known or seen (or heard about), but it's important to remember that used strollers are just as safe, clean, and work just as well.

    Plus, buying used means you're saving money AND giving someone else a great gift! On average parents spend $500-$1200 on a new stroller system--arguably not something that should break an already strained household budget- let alone a young, new family.

    There's no shame in buying used and we're here to give you the facts and tips on how to do so safely and confidently.

    I did read a bunch of reviews from
    But end up buying a used one.
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