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If you failed your 1hr glucose screen but passed 3hr

Are you just going with the fact that you don’t have gestational diabetes?
Or are you going on a GD diet?
i failed my 1hr but passed my 3 hr (all 4 draws), but I’m still afraid I might have GD and have been following a pretty strict diet.
wondering what other ladies are doing.

Re: If you failed your 1hr glucose screen but passed 3hr

  • I have my test next week and have been okay. I know a ton of people who fail the 1 hour. As long as you pass the 3 hour then you’re good. You could still follow a diet if you want but I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. 
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  • I have my test next week and am already planning on talking to my doctor at length 
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  • I wouldn’t worry if you passed the 3 hour test without issue. I would be more concerned if you barely passed or only passed some of the draws. That is why they do the 3 hour, it is more accurate as the one hour can give a false positive. 
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  • Yeah, I didn’t really come close. The closest I came was the 2 hour draw but I was still 16 points lower than the cutoff. The rest I was at least 20-30 points under the cutoff.
  • If you passed the 3 hr, you do not have GD. They set the threshold a little high for the 1 hr to try to catch as many people as possible. I failed the 1 hr with DS and the first draw of the 3 hr but still didn't have GD.
  • I failed my one hour, then when taking the three hour I passed hours 1 and 2, but failed the 3rd by 2 points. My doctor just said to stay away from foods with high concentrations of sugar, like juice and pop. I’m following her advice, but it’s hard (although not as hard as a diet with GD!). 
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    Failed my 1 hr by 6 points 😭 pass out from blood draws - the 3 hour will be terrible. Take it in a few days! Hopefully pass and hoping it was just what I ate the day off for the 1 hour. 
  • I failed the one hour with a 142 and passed the 3 hour. Wasn’t fun but glad I passed!
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