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Weekly Check In, 6/17


Re: Weekly Check In, 6/17

  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 09/15 - 27 weeks + 2 days

    FTM: Did you count this as your SO’s first Father’s Day? If so, what did you do? We didn't do anything, and he didn't seem to care much, but I bought him some baby books about being a dad.

    Team pink/blue/green: Add up your scores!! Are they correct? Team Green. 8 for girl, 4 for boy. Did not do the ring test. I have a feeling I am having a girl, but what do I know! Haha

    Interesting Baby Fact / Baby is size of: We had a 3D ultrasound yesterday, and baby was sucking on the umbilical cord almost the whole time! I didn't even think about them doing that. Kind of cool.

    Upcoming Appointments: Regular midwife appt in early July.

    How are you feeling?: Mostly fine. I went to my chiropractor today and it felt soooo good. Needed that adjustment. Also had a bladder infection over the weekend, but it appears to be clearing up!

    Rants/Raves: Rant: My DH doesn't seem to be interested in this pregnancy. He gets excited for our ultrasound appts, but we don't talk about it much afterwards. Maybe he just really has no clue what is going on, but it drives me nuts when all I want to do is talk about what I want for my labour and delivery, and this baby, and what it will be like once baby is here, etc.
    Rave: Our 3D ultrasound. OMG it was so cool! How am I supposed to wait 3 months to meet this baby still?!

    GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve? The fact that my DH NEVER listens to me. He asks me questions about things that we have already talked about, or about something I have already told him. I have to repeat myself so often, it drives me crazy!
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
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  • @kiddiesandkitties Glad to hear babygirl is looking better. Poor little thing. And that's a lovely stand in! 

    @kaceyallan OMG I bet your heart just melted watching LO suck on the umbilical cord. SO CUTE
  • I read everyone's response but I have a memory of a fly today so I'm just going to add for those of you who need electrolytes, try pickle juice.  Sounds gross but it's a Keto trick.

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 26+3

    FTM: Did you count this as your SO’s first Father’s Day? If so, what did you do?
    STM/ STM+: How was your Father’s Day? Anything special? We are getting a stamped concrete patio this week so DH had to tear down our deck.  And since we had the dumpster, he also tore down the kids beds to put up the new bunkbeds.  But he was actually content with all the family time this allowed versus the normal run everywhere. 

    Team pink/blue/green: Add up your scores!! Are they correct? Mostly girl and we are team pink

    Interesting Baby Fact / Baby is size of: 

    Upcoming Appointments: GD nutrition consult next week, OB first week of July

    How are you feeling?: Very large. Like my stomach feels like its stretched to the max.  Been having a lot of lower stomach area muscle pain so hopefully that goes away soon . 

    Rants/Raves: I'm not mad that I have GD, I just wish Dr would have let me skip that last 1 hr test and go straight to the 3 hr. Drinking that Glucola sucks!
    So happy Dh finally got rid of the kids beds.  We will eventually have both girls bunk up, but for now we will have the older 2 bunk up, but I couldn't get any nursery gear until the bed was out of the girls room


    GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve?  DH shakes his leg constantly.  So hard that it shakes the table, me, anything he is touching. It drives me nuts. 
  • @nomangos23 I wasn't sure if it was a normal thing, so I was slightly worried that it could cause a problem. I looked it up today and seems totally normal. And I hope it means baby will be able to latch easily if it is practicing sucking already! Baby also grabbed its toes at one point. I could hardly handle it! I can't wait to snuggle this little bean!
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • @lillywonderland Totally agree on the up and coming golf hotties. I don't love Brooks Koepka's personality, but he is very attractive. I also love me some Rickie Fowler. 
  • Sorry so many seem to have messy husbands! I love him dearly and it’s been 13 years so it’s not like this is new or anything. Sometimes he just bugs me more than normal and I have to get it out! Pregnancy is not good for my latent rage, lol. 

    @kraane wow, your school goes late! Did you start later too? 

    @pj_soccer wow, your kitchen looks great! Good job!

    @nightdreamr13 nope, they are all the same, just more frequent. Biggest thing is around 36 weeks when they do the Group B Strep test then weekly after they they may do a cervical check, depends on your doctor and if you want them. You will probably get the TDaP in the next month or so. 

    @lillywonderland I’ve heard that too. I just don’t get it! I tell MH the house is a mess and he says he doesn’t think so. Though our mess tend to be junk and clutter that I just don’t have the energy to go though. Except the freaking kitchen. 

    @kiddiesandkitties that’s a good idea! It feels like giving a grown-ass man a chore list, but he really needs it... I’m sure I have things that I do/don’t do that bug him too. 

    @kaceyallan I think it’s just really hard for men to bond with the baby since it’s not really happening to them. MH was excited the first tile but didn’t really get it. Can he feels kicks yet? I think that really helps. 

  • Still trying to get caught up on everyone's posts after a week and a half of vacation where I stayed off my phone as much as possible.

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 26+2

    FTM: Did you count this as your SO’s first Father’s Day? If so, what did you do? We stopped in Denver on the way home from Maui for my brother-in-law's fellowship graduation.  So my husband got to spend the day with his dad and brother (who became a dad a couple months ago).

    Team pink/blue/green: Add up your scores!! Are they correct? Blue--got 7/12.  Didn't do the ring test.

    Interesting Baby Fact / Baby is size of: a bowling pin

    Upcoming Appointments: Thursday for ultrasound with MFM.

    How are you feeling?: A little jet-lagged but otherwise good.


    Questions: none

    GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve? Loud chewers.  Drives me nuts!

  • @kgg2241 I'm impressed that you have the energy for any working out!

    @cammie0526 I hope you have a great visit with your grandpa! Is he excited about becoming a "great"?

    @nomangos23 Your week sounds awful! I'm so sorry, but yay for getting the crib ordered!

    @jaykay2004 I've been debating kicking DH out at night, I'm just SO HOT and can't seem to sleep well when overheated. 

    @zuuls_mom Cramping at inconvenient times sounds awful! 

    @nda_roxybabe Ugh, I can't stand when people mess up certain spelling/ grammar rules then get all pissy when it is pointed out. I'm not the one messing up your/you're! 

    @calliah I could not cope with cabinet door being left open or trash left out. How do you manage?

    @MsBeachNJ That is an awesome score! I like to scroll through FB marketplace byg nothing that awesome has come up yet.

    @kraane You guys are still in school? That sounds miserable, do you go back later in the fall or is it a year round type thing?

    @pj_soccer Your new kitchen is gorgeous! I love the countertops!

    @nightdreamr13 So glad you found someone to reseal your driveway for you, I almost always think the extra cost is worth it!

    @monkeysmom80 The leg shaking thing would make me bonkers

    I *think* I'm caught up with everyone...

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: Sept 23

    FTM: Did you count this as your SO’s first Father’s Day? If so, what did you do?
    We mostly just spent time together, he's going back to work soon after break.

    Team pink/blue/green: Add up your scores!! Are they correct? 
    Boys, and this says 3/12 for boy 🙄, how do you do the ring test? Google is conflicted. 

    Interesting Baby Fact / Baby is size of:
    A double gulp cup 

    Upcoming Appointments: Next week for GDT

    How are you feeling?:
    So tired, all the time. And like I can't get enough calories or liquid in me. And I'm super stressed about the GDT and being told I have to go on a strict diet when I'm already struggling with food.

    Rave - I feel like we are finally mostly settled in to the new house!
    Rant - Can technology please just do what it is supposed to do when it is supposed to do it?

    Questions: Does anyone else find the kicks to have moved from adorable to uncomfortable? And *how* necessary are the newborn and birth classes? My hospital is an hour and a half away, that's kinda far for something that might not be crucial, especially since the schedule seems kinda weird. 

    GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve? 
    When people chew with their mouth open or talk with food in their mouth. So gross. 
  • kraanekraane member
    @cheshyre319 @calliah @kiddiesandkitties our year starts in September. We get July and August off and because I’m in Canada I won’t go back until September 2020. One year maternity leave at approx 55% pay. 
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 9/7, 28w3d

    FTM: Did you count this as your SO’s first Father’s Day? If so, what did you do?
    @nomangos23 my DH is the same way! He doesn't like any "hallmark holidays" and thinks they are ridiculous so did not do anything this year. He also thought it was weird when a few people wished him a happy fathers day.

    Team pink/blue/green: Add up your scores!! Are they correct?  Team pink, but scored higher toward boy

    Interesting Baby Fact / Baby is size of: baby is as tall as a tall can of Pringles 

    Upcoming Appointments: Had glucose test, Tdap and Rhogam shot this past Monday. Still awaiting my results for my glucose test. Now on to appointments every 2 weeks, how am I to this point already!?

    How are you feeling?: a good nights sleep seems to be a thing of the past at least lately :( Feel good during the day though!

    Rants/Raves: @cmdesignerI must be starting to nest too because I have a serious urge to declutter and organize our house (not a typical feeling for me lol). I want all extra things we don't use out of the house. Any one else watch Marie Kondo? I am using her method and plan to do the whole house. Started with our master bedroom and I must say our closet looks so good and makes me happy, can't wait to get the rest of the house done!


    GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve? Drivers that don't use their blinker, just let me know what you are doing!
  • I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks ... work has been crazy and the bump app wasn’t working for me for a while. 

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: Sept 13 / 27+4

    STM/ STM+: How was your Father’s Day? Anything special? DS made some cute crafts and a card, and we had a big family bbq. 

    Team pink/blue/green: Add up your scores!! Are they correct? Team pink. Scores were pretty evenly split. 

    Interesting Baby Fact / Baby is size of: fennec fox

    Upcoming Appointments: glucose test July 4. I failed the 1 hour test with DS, so I opted to skip that one this time and just go for the 2 hour test. 

    How are you feeling?: pretty good, although sleeping is getting uncomfortable, and my calves/shins have been getting really crampy as soon as I start running. 

    Raves: I ran a leg of a marathon relay this weekend and I feel so proud for doing that! No more races scheduled for the rest of the summer, other than a 1km race that I’m doing with DS on Canada Day. 

    Questions: nah

    GTKY: What is your biggest pet peeve?  Oooh the lazy shopping cart people drive me crazy too!
  • @cheshyre319 oh, I bitch and complain to him as a close things. You’d think he’d get it by now. It’s just second nature now. He heated up some chicken for dinner and left the microwave open. I rolled my eyes as I shut the door. 
    Yes! Some kicks are very uncomfortable. Just a bit ago I got a hard one to my left side that took my breath away. 
    I don’t think the classes are necessary. I got all my information I thought I needed off the internet with my first. 

    @kraane so jealous of your maternity leave. The school year must be longer in Canada because we start in September here but everyone was out last week

    @house_of_boys_is_getting_a_girl_ Good job running part of a marathon! I can hardly walk right now!
  • @cmdesigner that birthing center sounds like a dream! We don't have anything remotely like that here.

    @monkeysmom80 my DH shakes his leg all the time, too! I mostly tune it out, but when it starts shaking the table (or me!), I just about lose it on him. He doesn't even realize he does it. ::eyeroll::
  • @kraane Oh! That makes so much more sense!

    @diner04 I love Marie Kondo! Her sorting methods SO helped me so thru so much stuff recently. 

    @calliah Thank you! That's what I was thinking/hoping.
  • @zuuls_mom holy sh*t, a real DD!!!  Aaaah so exciting!!!  You and @rms924 (I think?) gotta cut it out with those countdowns though... it's getting too real to see numbers so low!!
  • @zuuls_mom the amount of anxiety I just had when I read that you're having your LO in 75 days is real. But I'm excited you have a concrete DD!
  • @RedBreast35 @cmdesigner sorry for the anxiety! I just wanted to not be alone in my anxiety because I too am freaking TF out lol
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

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