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GTKY Friday, 6/14

Inspired by pregnancy rage:
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I love MH/SO so much, but I hate/I'm so sick of/I wish he didn't...

Re: GTKY Friday, 6/14

  • I love MH so much, but I'm so sick of...
    his snoring! It is bringing out my pregnancy rage. I know it isn't the reason I can't sleep, but it's hard to not blame it on that. Especially since he is actually sleeping!
  • I love MH so much, but I’m so sick of...
    his Friday night video game sessions with “the guys”. By the time I get home from work (6pm) they’re already over at our house. They drink beer and play video games in the basement until 3am leaving me to take care of our 3yo and have no social interaction whatsoever. Then he sleeps until 2 in the afternoon from staying up all night while I have to get up with my son at 7am. It puts me in an awful mood and ruins our weekends. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.
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  • Lol @duewithpu2 are our husbands the same person? Mine has his game night on Thursdays, but it’s at someone else’s house. He takes a double dose of his ADD meds and stays up all night and then is super grumpy the next day. 
    @kgg2241 talk about insult to injury. “Hahaha look at me, I’m asleep AND I’m going to rub it in with my snoring!” 😉😆

    I love MH so much, but I wish he wouldn’t get stuck in his own head so often. It’s fine to be introspective, but it’s gone too far when your eyes glaze over in the middle of dinner and you stop talking for like 20 minutes. 
  • @kgg2241 when people talk about "deal breakers" in relationships, snoring is one of mine.  It sounds so small and petty, but there is absolutely no way I could listen to it every night.  Consider yourself a saint for not smothering him!!  (Sorry to any snorers, I know it's not intentional  :p)

    @duewithpu2 oh hellll no!  MH would either be awake by 7:30 or dead, because I'd murder him.  You're also a saint!
  • @kgg2241 DH was snoring so badly the other night. I definitely nudged him way harder than I needed to. And then I busted out my earplugs. I literally keep earplugs in my nightstand and have for years now. I even travel with them when we go on vacay. 😂
  • I love MH/SO so much
    But I hate that he wouldn't notice a dirty house if it hit him in the face.  Dirty bathrooms, his clothes all over the floor, dog fur everywhere.  He is on vacation for the next few weeks and I guarantee I'll still be the only one cleaning up.
    FTR, I also hate that he's on vacation for the next few weeks and I'll be getting up and going to work like I always do...  :'(
  • @themadcamel Ugh you feel my pain! I hope they change when the babies get here. MH keeps saying “once Sutton gets here I won’t be able to hang out anymore. I have to enjoy it while I can” ...we’ll see. 
    @kgg2241 Snoring brings out rage in me when I’m not pregnant. One of MH’s redeeming qualities is that he doesn’t snore. I’m with @RedBreast35 on this one. You’re a saint!
    @zuuls_mom LOL that’s taking lazy to a new level!
    @RedBreast35 We might be married to the same guy. If a trash bomb exploded in my house MH would still be oblivious. 

  • @cateyes543 Wow you just put into words something I’ve felt for years. It is exhausting!
  • lol I love this thread because my husband does a combo of ALL OF THESE THINGS!

    @zuuls_mom My husband leaves actual trash in the kitchen sink. Like yogurt cups and aluminum cans. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    @duewithpu2 Ugh and my DH has this one game that you can't pause because it's live so I literally have to tell him 15-20 minutes before I need him / dinners ready / it's time to leave so he can find a "safe spot" to save and exit. Where is the damn eye roll emoji?!

    @RedBreast35 I used to think I'd get even with DH and just stop cleaning and he'd eventually step up.... NOPE. He didn't noticed and I just drove myself nuts. 

  • @nomangos23 I actually have the same habit as your husband ;) EXCEPT!! I don't leave them there. But I use the sink for 'collecting' trash when I'm cooking (seeds from pepper, onion peels, packaging from meat/other, etc) - and then I scoop it all up and throw it away when I'm done.  I just find it so much easier than opening the trash one million times while I cook.  It makes DH CRAZY.

    I commiserate with so many of these.  But at the moment, I am with @kgg2241 and the snoring NEEDS.TO.STOP.  I have not slept in literally two weeks and it is 100% his fault. I shove him with all my might and he bounces back like a GD punching balloon.  I have been covering his face with a pillow in the middle of the night and have zero shame about it.
  • I love MH/SO so much, but I hate/I'm so sick of his inability to load the dishwasher because it might be clean even though he just watched me unload it 5 minutes earlier
  • @monkeysmom80 my DH has this habit of saying he would clean up after dinner if the dishwasher was empty instead of full of clean dishes - a) what he means by that is he would put our plates in there, I don't think I've ever seen him actually clean up the whole kitchen and b) putting the clean dishes away would help clean up after dinner too, but he doesn't seem to see that as a good use of his time.
  • I really do love MH I swear. He's wonderful. buuuuuuuuut...

    @duewithpu2 can relate to this (but without the responsibility of caring for a small human). Every weekend on Friday or Saturday night MH stays up late playing video games with his mountain time friends. They stop around 3am too ... mountain time. Which is 5 am EST. I don't see him until the following afternoon. Most of the time it's "fine," and the rest of the time it's the recurring thing we fight about.

    @lillywonderland I'm in the same boat ... ear plugs in the nightstand, earplugs on vacation, earplugs for our friends who come on vacation with us...

  • @phillyftm I hope for your sake he changes when the baby comes. It’s such a frustrating battle I’m tired of rehashing. 
  • @kgg2241 ugh, snoring. I have to fall asleep before MH or I end up wanting to smother him. Luckily I sleep pretty well lately but there was a period where I was having some insomnia and it was horrible. 

    @nomangos23 once I decided to not do the dishes to see if Mh would help and instead we ran out of silverware  🤦‍♀️

    @cateyes543 the mental load is exhausting. Laundry, permission slips, making sure DS has season appropriate clothing in the correct size. Men just don’t seem to think about that stuff. Must happen by magic 
  • kdl89kdl89 member
    I am just getting caught up on this thread. And lately DH  has been so helpful around the house that I hate to complain about him but I love MH/SO so much, but I hate when he doesn't  rinse his beer bottles. I came down stairs this morning to a few on the counter. I get your playing video games online with friends but it takes 2 minutes to rinse them. 
  • I have a lot of sympathy for the snoring husband's since I'm the one that snores, always, no matter what. But if for some reason I wake up and she is snoring, I can't sleep.

  • @cateyes543 omg, yes! You worded it so well. I have no idea how my DH survived before me. He can't seem to plan/think ahead at all! And the odd time I decide to just let him deal with his own things, like book an oil change for his truck, for my sanity. He then gets upset at me when he can't get in for an oil change on his week off from work because he didn't book an appointment ahead of time. So frustrating! He doesn't get to just be the fun dad, while I have to be the responsible parent and spend all of my waking hours keeping our family/household going. 
    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
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