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Labour Signs

Anyone having any signs of labour coming on any time soon??

Re: Labour Signs

  • I mean... probably in the next month a lot of us will have some labor signs. 

    Anything more specific, I’ll have to check my crystal ball...
  • I might be! Baby has dropped and I have a lot of pelvic pressure. I ended up in the hospital at labor and delivery last night for hours because I was vomiting non stop and having painful contractions but was sent home! 2cm dilated. Felt contractions on and off since being home but they’re not regular! I’m due 7/5 but my original due date was 6/30!
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  • Oh wow @lunardaydreaming! Best of luck to you, shouldn't be long now...

    Today I have developed lots of pressure/weakness in my groin and pain/pressure in my coccyx bone...pain/pressure/weakness in the groins feels like extreme muscle fatigue after a soccer tournament, except I have not done anything strenuous to use those muscles at all. Is this an early labor sign? I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, FTM. 
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