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Accepting my loss

I'm having a real problem accepting my loss it happened December 13th 2 days after I saw my baby's heart beat. I also find myself being happy for my friends who are pregnant but immediately I feel the deepest sorrow for my loss and I can't get past it.I feel guilty as a friend and like a bad person!  I just wish I could get over it and move on with my life. I keep thinking maybe on July 22nd when my baby was due I will finally be over it and have closure but I'm not sure. I need advice. Does anybody feel the same? Like a bad friend to turn their happiness into your sorrow? My heart is so broken I feel so broken and so deeply sad..

Re: Accepting my loss

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    @lovechilditalia I know exactly how you feel! I lost my precious baby in April after seeing the Heartbeat. This was my second loss. ***LC Mention*** I did go on the have two daughters ***Stop LC Mention*** but I never stopped thinking about my other two babies I lost. You never stop hurting... over time the pain just becomes less... maybe different.

    You are not a bad friend either! You are grieving for what you lost! My advice to you would be to allow yourself to be sad for what you lost and be kind to yourself. You are in my thoughts and prayers. 
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    @lovechilditalia I’m so sorry for your loss, I lost my baby November 3 of last year just hours after seeing my baby moving and listening to the heart beat, I went home thinking everything was fine later that day was the worst day of my life. With time I’ve learn how to live with the pain and sorrow of losing my baby I don’t think you never stop hurting it just gets easier with time.
    I don’t think you are not a bad friend you just grieving your loss.
    I been around people that was almost around my due date and it hurts a lot I be thinking my baby would’ve been here he/she would’ve been few weeks old or even a month old. I never stop thinking about my baby that’s pretty much everyday of my life I don’t talk about it with nobody because people around me just don’t understand how painful this really is. Even with my partner  we don’t talk about our baby because he knows it hurts so much when I try to say something or when people ask what happen and I know his hurting in his own way he just try not to show it much, it was going to be his first baby. I really hope I gets easier for you and if you have someone to talk with do it, it will probably help you. And don’t feel like you a bad friend or that you should feel sad even when months, years are passing by this is not easy just stay strong and wish you the best. 
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