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What a Week and Birth Story Included

I can't believe it's been one week since this roller coaster started.

12/31: I had my weekly NST done. My BP was good. I was told that I needed to meet with a doctor to talk about my U/S from 12/24. The U/S showed that one of his kidneys was enlarged. She assured me that there are ways this can be treated and sometimes it corrects itself.

A few hours later, I had a dr. app't. I was 50% effaced but not dilated. My BP soared to 150/110. I was then subsequently sent to L&D.

1/1: After spending one night at L&D and being observed, I was sent to the Maternity Ward and began my 24 hr urine test. 

1/2: We got news that I was being induced because my protein level indicated I had superimposed Pre-Eclamp. At 2 PM, the induction started at L&D. At 7PM, I was now 1 cm dilated. They broke my water. At 10 PM, I was 2 cm dilated. Around 11:30 PM or so they decided to give me an epidural since I was in so much pain. That was a huge mistake. My BP dropped to 90/60 and the baby's HB dropped to 50 from 140. We were given oxygen and there were a lot of doctors in the room.

1/3: I then moved onto 4 cm at 2 AM but the dr. decided to give us an internal monitor since baby's hb was inconsistent. At 4AM, I was 5 cm. Finally, at 5 AM, they concluded that the contractions were making his hb drop and they couldn't risk our lives any more. The only solution was to go in for an emergency C-Section. I remember feeling numb and DH came to the OR. At 5:54 AM, our bundle of joy was born. We named him David Lee, weight- 5 lb13 oz (note our annivesary is 5/13), length- 20 inches.

He didn't need to be sent to the NICU or anything else. They were surprised since he was 19-24 days early, depending if you go by the early U/S or my LMP. He's now on Amox. to help with his kidneys and infection. We have an app't with the pediatrician on Friday. We both came home yesterday!

 I will post some pictures as soon as I can.
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