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Small anger-laden tirade

I'm sure it seems super early for me to be hormonal and pissy, but I'm 4+3 and it seems that people are just bound and determined to irritate the ever loving shit out of me. I wasnt near as irritable as I am now and it seems that everyone is in a race to irritate me now that I am pregnant. I'm sure that's not the case, but it sure feels that way. Please tell me I'm not alone. Omg...

Re: Small anger-laden tirade

  • @BumpAdmin Can we get threads auto-closed for not falling within board organization or does it need to officially go off-topic? This belongs in symptoms.
  • My first pregnancy I was super snippy. Didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 7/8 weeks in, but I couldn’t stand him for weeks before. People got on my nerves. I was very irritable. God forbid an Adele song came on the radio, it made me cringe (I didn’t mind her before pregnancy but for some reason, during she drove me nuts. Hilariously, my daughter cried every time her voice came on the radio when she was born 😂)
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  • Lol your baby couldnt even stand Adele 😂😂 Thankfully, mine passed after those terrible three days. I seem to be on an even keel now. I did so much apologizing after I came back to reality!
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