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Weekly Randoms 6/3-6/9


Re: Weekly Randoms 6/3-6/9

  • k_mama91k_mama91
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    @bookworm492 I hope his family minds their manners and is excited for you all. 

    @sunshineandlemons we had been engaged several years too and just finally got married 4 years ago. Weddings are overrated.
  • ashorkeyashorkey
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    @nerdmom0013 Thanks! It hasn't been pleasant that's for sure! I had PT with my daughter but that wasn't until my 3rd trimester. I went to a specialized PT and she was AMAZING! so I have confidence she'll help me out again. 

    @sunshineandlemons I completely agree! If I could do it over again we would just elope! 
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  • Anyone else with crazy cravings? 

    Cant stop eating lemons with salt on them 😬
  • @boymom3ohio I feel like an oddball,  I didn't have nausea or vomiting nor do I have cravings.  I have lost a pound btw wk 7 and 11.
  • ktmaesimktmaesim
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    @boymom3ohio  OMG! That is def one of the more strange cravings I have heard! now I sort of want to try it! LOL
  • I thought i was in the clear made it almost 15 weeks without vomiting then bam something i ate made the baby mad and ended up getting sick in between doing highlights on someone 😂

    Pretty sure it was broccoli...baby hates broccoli lol
  • Anyone else with crazy cravings? 

    Cant stop eating lemons with salt on them 😬
    spicy food, specifically pickled jalapenos. I don't think that's too odd but it is different. 
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