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Baby in Transverse Lie

Hey y'all.  Been lurking for about 7 months, but decided to finally post and see if anyone else has a baby that's still in transverse position?  I'm due 7/9, though by OB says I'm measuring about a week ahead.  Baby's been in transverse position for most of pregnancy and all signs point to him being fairly long.  I know babies shift positions right up until the last minute, but based on what I've been reading a persistent transverse lie poses some scary possibilities - of particular concern to me is the possibility of a cord prolapse leading to complications or suffocation in the event my water breaks.  I know some folks try the ECV, though that sounds painful and the results are only so-so.  Anyone else in this situation?  My OB is very laid back and wasn't concerned at all - yet - at my last appointment.  I have another appt this coming Monday and want to make sure I'm really ready to have a full conversation about my options over the next 5-6 weeks.  Thanks!

Re: Baby in Transverse Lie

  • geoduck21geoduck21
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    I don't have experience with this later in pregnancy (this baby is still shifting around, and my first was head down for a long time), but this might be worth a read for you:
  • kecks4kecks4
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    Yes, thanks geoduck.  I've been doing these for some time now, but without any results (yet).  *fingers crossed*
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  • CbeanzCbeanz
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    ECV success rate is generally over 50% and there are very few risks associated with it. Has your OB said you're a candidate for it?

    The way I look at it, transverse lie = CS, failed ECV = CS, but successful ECV = chance at vaginal birth. So you don't really have much to lose in trying it, but a lot to gain.

    If you're open to a CS then there might not be a reason to attempt ECV. Personally I've had both types of birth and my recovery from vaginal was a walk in the park compared to CS recovery.

    Is this your first baby?
  • kecks4kecks4
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    Thanks Cbeanz.  Yes, FTM here.  I would obviously prefer a vaginal (and better still a natural) delivery, but I'm trying to be open-minded in my information-gathering and while evaluating my options since ultimately fate and the baby will decide!

    My OB was completely unconcerned with the baby's position at our last appointment two weeks ago and said if there was no change we'd discuss at our next appointment.  That appointment is first thing Monday and I don't feel any change in position.  So I have no idea - yet - whether I'm a suitable ECV candidate. 

    The best study I could find on the subject indicated a 56% success rate for ECVs on breech babies and a 6% complication rate (ranging from mostly minor to mortal complications).  I understand the success rate for ECVs is generally lower for transverse presentations than breech and in both cases, about 25% of successful ECV babies return to an atypical presentation prior to delivery or still otherwise require a c-section.  It sounded like a lot to go through if the ultimate chance of it forestalling a c-section is only 42% (56 percent success rate of ECV less the 25% of a successful ECV that still ends in a c-section).  

    Have you done an ECV?  I'd be curious to hear from those who have as to the pain, any complications and ultimate success of the procedure.
  • BigBadWolf12BigBadWolf12
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    *lurker from A19*

    I had an ECV with my breech son.  3 failed back to back attempts by 4 doctors working together.  It was so painful,  I was bruised and had scratch marks (one doctor had nails) for literally weeks after. The baby was monitored the whole time and showed no signs of distress at any point. So I went home and had a planned cs a few weeks later.  The cs was a breeze for me and recovery was as good as it could be from my understanding.  I have no other birth to compare to though. I told myself I wouldn't do an ecv again,  but I'm really hoping for vaginal birth this time if possible,  so if it comes down to it, I don't actually know what I would do this time around....

    Hopefully your doc will have some good advice! And hopefully baby decides to go head down for you. 

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  • MagsK24MagsK24
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    Hi @kecks4 I had a version with my first breech baby that failed but while it was painful I would say the bruised feeling lasted only about 4-5 days, and got better each day. I had a CS and recovery wasn't too bad.

    Baby 2 is currently also not head down ( but at just 32 weeks doc isn't worried yet) and I would consider a version again if the doctor feels it's a safe option. The first wasn't bad enough to keep me from trying it.

    From my own research if your doctor is willing to do a version with an epidural the success rate even for FTM is much higher but many practices do not offer this. My own doctor personally did not but worth asking about!

  • kecks4kecks4
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    Thank you - it's so helpful to hear from folks who have been through this process before!  I was thrilled to find out today that baby has moved head down.  Hopefully he'll stay that way!
  • kecks4kecks4
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    Hey MagsK24,

    Thanks for sharing your story and for the time re: paired epidural with ECV.  Baby was FINALLY head down at today's appointment (35 weeks).  Crossing my fingers baby will stay that way and all of this fretting will be soon forgotten.

    Will cross my fingers for you that you bub moves into a good spot soon!  Best wishes!
  • @kecks4 so glad to hear your babe went head down!!
    Mine was breech until my 35 week appt too - I was doing everything I could to turn her but I think she just wasn’t ready yet.
    Doc made a good point - that even knowing position of baby before 36 weeks can be stressful!
    Hope that you get the birth you want, but it also sounds like you’re open to whatever may be and that’s so good <3

  • @kecks4 I’m so happy your baby turned for you! Thanks for the post...I am 35 weeks today and my baby has persistently been transverse (with a few breech sightings as well) since about 30 weeks. I am starting to get really stressed out about it now. This is my second baby and my first was a very easy delivery and was always head down. I’ve been doing inversions and started seeing a chiropractor today for the Webster technique. First time in my life I’ve ever been adjusted. I also have an appt Wednesday for acupuncture. Anyone tried these techniques? Really trying to avoid a version if possible but ultimately would try it to avoid a c/s. What do you think worked for you? FX your babe stays head down! 
  • kecks4kecks4
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    @lilyan1522 ; I did not try a chiropractor or acupunturist, though I likely would have had the news been different at my 35 week appointment.  I've read and heard many good things, though!  I did do the spinning babies inversions for about three weeks or so.  I honestly didn't think they were doing anything, but that shows how much I know!!  I also tried to make a point of taking daily walks around the village where we live, in hopes that the gentle jostling might help baby make the turn.  FX for you and baby, too!!

  • @lilyan1522

    I did acupuncture, prenatal massage, all the spinning babies techniques, played music below belly button, meditation, as well as walking and hypnotherapy. (I literally just made myself a hypnotrack from a script off the Internet- I would listen to it while I lay in the breech tilt position every day.)
    I can’t say exactly what helped, but my honest feeling was that the hypno-track and daily meditation helped a bit. The longer my baby was breech the more stressed I got, so the de-stressing aspects of my turn-the-baby plan were likely the biggest help.
    Also, the fact that your baby is moving around (even if it’s from transverse to breech) shows that they’ve got some room! Someone mentioned to me that drinking a lot of water helps keep amniotic fluid up in order to give them room to move too...
    Good luck - try your hardest to let go and trust your body - but I was totally stressing too so I know it’s hard 💜💜
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