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  • We only have her come every other week, but I've noticed I keep things a lot cleaner in between her visits so it's a huge impact. Mine is open to direction but I'm so awkward I never actually voice my concerns lol. She's dropped the price multiple times in the last few months because it goes faster than what she initially thought since we keep it clean, So I don't wanna rock the boat too much lol. 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • @sourlemon - Same here. I feel I keep it cleaner between visits when she's coming than when I'm left to my own devices. I can also have "momentary freakouts" and get DH to do things (i.e. things I've been asking him to do for days or weeks that he keeps putting off ;) ). I still vacuum twice a week and change out all the bedsheets, pick everything up off all floors in the house at least once a week, tidy up clutter, etc ... so I also feel it's not a big deal if I ask her to "pay more attention" to the master shower or kitchen counters in a given week.
    **History in Spoiler**
    Me-35, DH-36 - TTC since 08/10
    Me - anovulatory, non-Insulin PCOS, DH - low end of "normal" sperm count
       IUI#1   - 02/15 - Cancelled due to scrubbed sperm count <1MM
       IVF#1  - 08/15 - 13x5-day blastocysts (ranging from AA-BB, most are 5 or 6), not PGS, on ice
       FET#1 - 10/15 - 1 emb - BFP (DD 07/16) (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#2 - 07/17 - 1 emb - BFN (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#3 - 08/17 - 1 emb - BFN (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#4 - 10/17 - 2 emb - BFN (changed to estrace + prometrium because of allergic reaction to PIO sesame oil)
    ERA Testing - 12/17 - window moved (-1 day)
       FET#5 - 03/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
    Karyotype Testing - 04/18 - Negative (we're ok)
       FET#6 - 06/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
       FET#7 - 10/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
       FET#8 - 11/18 - 2 emb - BFP; looks like one baby is going to make it, DD is due 8/16 (though likely to be 8/9)

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  • @olivemomma @mrosek91 I kept saying I need motivation to do get (getting pregnant) but that didn’t work either lol
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