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Emotional breakdown affecting baby?

Me and my mom got in a heated argument and I got angry and upset. Cried a lot. Now I’m scared the stress might hurt my baby. I’m 10wks 6dys and FTM. Is this something I should worry about? 

Re: Emotional breakdown affecting baby?

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    erica_03 said:
    Me and my mom got in a heated argument and I got angry and upset. Cried a lot. Now I’m scared the stress might hurt my baby. I’m 10wks 6dys and FTM. Is this something I should worry about? 
    As long as you are still eating properly and staying hydrated and not dealing with the stress in a harmful way like drinking or smoking, you should be fine. Check with your doctor if you’re still concerned.
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    @meggyme Thank you! I will try to talk to her Monday. I’m just a complete worry wart. 
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  • Women deal with much more stressful situations during pregnancy than a heated argument with mom.  Unless you are going to harm yourself, drink or do drugs to deal with it- baby is fine
  • High levels of stress over long periods of time can cause high blood pressure or heart disease, which can have an affect on your baby, such as the risk of low birth weight or early delivery.  In terms of temporary stress from a single fight, you just need to take care of yourself. Make sure you don’t lose sleep, continue to eat healthy (no over or under-eating).  Mostly stress can make you uncomfortable- headaches, stomach problems, anxiety, etc. so better to manage it however you can because pregnancy is already uncomfortable!  I had a lot issues with my mother, after I realized I was pregnant I went and saw a therapist so I could sort things out and be in a positive place for when my baby came. This may not be a solution for everyone but it certainly was an excellent solution for me. Good luck and I hope for you it was only a one-time thing :)
  • The hormone changes are really hard to deal with. Here is a good read to learn that short term stress isn't as big of a deal as more long term stress in pregnancy. You do want to keep an eye on it and do what you can to keep stress levels down. Rules need to be put in place to walk away and so some self care when you're feeling ragey. I got so mad in first trimester that I wanted to throw a chair through the living room window. I blew up at a few people and none of that is like me. Then I would cry out of embarrassment. It was like pregnancy completely took away my filter and all of my resentments for my Mom (very very valid ones) just came out like an automatic batting cage ball thing. Some women tried to tell me it wasn't normal and that something was wrong with me. It ended up being fine once second trimester rolled around and I met so many women who experienced the same level of anger. You just have to learn to manage it if it keeps on happening. Keep an eye on it. 

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