1st Trimester

How to handle excessive symptoms?

How have you/are you dealing with excessive illness due to early pregnancy?

It feels like all of my symptoms are amplified and I’m really ill because of it. I spent last night in Emergency receiving fluids for dehydration due to excessive vomiting and nausea. I was given a prescription, but today it’s all cramps and diarrhea! 

I’m missing a second week of work now, and I can’t afford it — especially with our first baby on the way. Plus, I’m worried for our little one if I’m this sick!

Re: How to handle excessive symptoms?

  • Keep in touch with your doctor,  they will help you and tell you what to do, and give advice.  You may have a sever case that will end soon or you may have a severe case that will end after birth.  

    I know a lady who was hospitalized for multiple days, and multiple times throughout both pregnancies due to severe morning sickness.  The only relief for her was giving birth.  She had two very healthy children.   Not saying this will happen to you. So just stay in contact with your doctor.  Eat small amounts, and do what you can.  
  • If you're that sick look into hyperemesis with your doctor.  My sister had it with both pregnancies and needed IVs 1st trimester and meds the whole time.
    Good luck!
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