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I am _____ weeks pregnant


Re: I am _____ weeks pregnant

  • @RedBreast35, @blitzybee I mean...1/2 the reason we even procreated in the first place was for free child labor. Train them young!!
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  • @sunshine2417 You are doing it right!
  • @RedBreast35 there's one grocery store in particular where I remember from last time I just stopped fitting in the stalls at some point, literally could not fit in one enough to close the door - it was the big stall or nothing.
  • 😭😭😭 that's so me! Especially in this hot weather...ugh!
  • Ugh.... i have the same issue. Now i just park a little further away, where there next parking space on the left is empty. However, i wish it will stay empty when i come back to my car!!
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