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Just had our 7w ultrasound today and found out we are having TWINS! (Fraternal) super duper excited and overwhelmed. Any other twin mama to be (or already twin mamas) here??ย 

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  • This board is pretty transient. Your best bet if you want a conversation is to find your birth month board (BMB). You'll likely find other twin moms there, and most have specific moms of multiples threads.

  • *waves* Hey there! I'm a twins mom too. They're not born yet but will be soon (fingers crossed). I find the forums on What to Expect are pretty helpful, actually. They have more posters there and while a lot of the posts are one-off without a strong sense of community there's a lot of information to be shared. Same with Facebook. I'm on a di/di (fraternal) twins site that is really lively and active.
    Congratulations!!! My pregnancy wasn't too bad until 3rd trimester. At that point: brace yourself because it's incredibly strenuous. But you'll get through it.
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  • @ruthiehev please join the Dec19 BMB! Myself and one other mama in the group are expecting fraternal twins, it would be great to share the experience!
  • Any signs you were having twins? What were your hcg and progesterone? So exciting!!!ย 
  • That's amazing, congrats!!ย 
  • em28em28 member
    Congrats!!! Did you have any exaggerated symptoms? I am only 5 weeks pregnant and i am extremely fatigued and have some back pain and nausea. I did not have this with my first. Therefore, i am thinking it might be twins... its also in my family. All those twin mamas out here what were you symptoms? I know the only way to confirm is by US
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