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Gestational Diabetes test

Was given a 4th glucose tolerance test this pregnancy due to being .1 over with last pregnancy and got a positive result.
My question is what do others think of these tests accuracy??

Re: Gestational Diabetes test

  • What were your results of the first three tests this pregnancy?
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  • I was diagnosed because my fasting level was AT the threshold. 
    I chose to do the one step test (take blood at fasting, drink glucose drink, take blood at 1 hour and 2 hours post). 
    So I've been poking myself for 2 months now. Started off with 4x daily for 2.5 or 3 5 weeks, then moved to 2x/day. My levels have been fine. I haven't altered my diet. And I have found there to be inconsistencies with the glucose monitoring system. There have been several times that I've tested 2x in 1 minute to see how different the readings could be, and sometimes were off by 0.5mmol/L, which can be then difference between being on target or being above. 
    After the diagnosis (that I disagree with), I read a fair bit of literature, and found that the one step test leads to a lot more positive diagnoses than the 2 step. 
    Hindsight is always 20/20, and I wish I had known that. 
    With the diagnosis of GD, I find my midwife is being more conservative. I may be induced early, I've had growth scans, etc. And of course baby measured large. I take it all with a grain of salt. Third trimester scans are notoriously WRONG and can be off by a pound in both directions. 
    Overall, I'm annoyed with the diagnosis. 

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  • @sarah_is_pregnant - that sounds really frustrating! As long as you and baby are doing well, I think it makes sense to have another conversation with your midwife and/or ob about what your options may be. Especially since all of your testing has shown normal levels without changing your diet. I wonder if they could retest without the one step test? 

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  • Ya I agree with @Griffin5413. Definitely worth having a conversation with your provider
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  • @Griffin5413 @ajbook ya I should speak with my midwife about it. At this point, I feel like we have such a short time to go until babe is here, so it may not be possible. 
    I wonder if that's a thing they do often? If i remember, I'll ask at my next appt. 
  • @Mchobbs8 I’m in a similar boat, but failed both tests...not by a lot, but enough for a diagnosis. From what I’ve read and learned, you might be totally fine earlier on, but as the pregnancy progresses, might find the GD diagnosis to be more true. Our hormones will just get more out of whack as we get closer. Big babies don’t always mean you have GD, but there is a correlation a lot of times, and can be a concern for both you and baby. My MIL, who’s a nurse, reminded me that even if the results weren’t accurate, it’s not the worst thing to be eating better, exercising more, and monitoring, even though it’s annoying. In the beginning, I was adamant that my diagnosis was wrong, but now I’m just trying to focus on the positives.
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