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Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking here and asked one question but I figured I’d introduce myself officially. 

I currently am blessed to have a six year old and an almost 5 year old daughters. At the end of last year we decided to try for baby number 3 and were lucky enough to conceive pretty quickly. I had some early bleeding in the pregnancy due to a subchorionic bleed but nothing they were too worried about and we were ecstatic to learn we were having twins! My due date was supposed to be August 23.

On the night before Valentines Day my husband, our girls, and I were at my 13 week ultrasound appointment expecting to see our soon to be twins. The technician took a quick look before abruptly exiting and telling us the doctor would be in shortly. 

I went from recently turning 30 just days prior and thinking my life couldn’t be more perfect to having my dreams shattered in an instant as the doctor came in and told us that one baby had stopped growing around 10 weeks and the other likely within the last day or two. I was advised that a D&C was recommended due to how far along I was and the fact that it was twins. We scheduled the surgery for Friday, the soonest they could do it. The following day was a living hell being Valentine’s day and knowing that my little twins were inside of me, with hearts no longer beating. I barely slept or ate for days and cried constantly. It has by far been the worst time in my life and I feel for anyone who has gone through the same. 

It’s been almost 8 weeks and I’ve had one period since the D&C. I’ve been testing at home and my HCG Levels have yet to return to normal. They’re still showing as very very faint positive on 25 miu test sticks.  We’re hoping to try again asap. I think I may have ovulated on April 4th as all the signs were there, but I’ve read conflicting info on whether or not it’s even possible since my HCG Levels are still elevated. 

Heres to hoping we we all have good luck this month!

Re: Introduction

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    Sorry for your loss.   My first experience was similar to yours.   Welcome to the group no wants to be a part of but it’s a great group of ladies 
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    I'm so sorry you find yourself here but you are amongst some pretty amazing women to help you along.

    I completely understand the living hell part. Pregnancy loss is such an incredibly heartbreaking experience, I wouldn't wish it on my very worst enemy. It just plain sucks. Thank goodness for DH feeding me every day or else I would have starved myself to death. 

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    Welcome and I’m so sorry for your losses! Hope your stay here is short, but it’s a very supportive place to be! 
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