Makea 17p shots?

I don’t know if anyone is ever on here, but after I pPROM’ed with DS at 34w4d, I’ve started makena injections today at 16w with my 2nd pregnancy. Anyone go through these? Any tips for preventing injection site pain or any other side effects? Were they successful for you?

Re: Makea 17p shots?

  • My first son I pprom’d at 33w3d and delivered at 33w5d. I did the shots with my 2nd pregnancy and delivered at 34w2d ... so 4 extra days. The shots hurt (I’m a type 1 diabetic and used to shots and these were awful). I found ice before and heat after to help... overall with my copay etc I wouldn’t do it again if I were to have a 3rd but that’s just me!
  • No advice, just wanted to remind you that you're not alone! I pprom'd and delivered my now 19 month old son at 34+1. I'm 21+4 now and started the Makena shots at week 16 as well. Here's hoping we can both make it as far as possible ♡
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