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Miscarriage of only one twin with symptoms?

Hi everyone, thankful for the existence of this community. I am trying to find stories of people who experience full on miscarriage symptoms (bleeding, cramping and passing large tissue) and lost only one twin. I had two gestational sacs at my last ultrasound and one was diagnosed as a possible vanishing twin. I experienced a full-blown miscarriage on saturday but the ER was unable to give me an ultrasound and I’m waiting to be back home to get confirmation (happened while traveling).

We might be delusional, but is there a possibility at all that the other twin is still ok? Has anyone miscarried one twin with full-on miscarriage symptoms? They told me the twin would just be reabsorbed and that I shouldn’t expect any bleeding, but I am still hoping.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences. ❤️

Re: Miscarriage of only one twin with symptoms?

  • I don't have any experience, just wanted to say that I am sorry you are going through this experience and I hope you have answers now.
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  • My Son was a fraternal twin, I had a full blown miscarriage with every imaginable symptom, I went to the ER they sent me to my regular dr 2 days after and my son made it, I had a higher risk after and received a lot more care moving forward, he was 6 weeks early with some health issues but he recovered and is now healthy and 11, fingers crossed for you I hope everything works out 
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