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3rd boy name- need help!

I have a Caden and Leo, here are our choices:

Parker Ares
Axel Achilles
Declan Achilles 

Re: 3rd boy name- need help!

  • mb0112mb0112 member
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    Declan for sure 
  • Declan 1st, Parker 2nd. Hard pass on Axel.
  • harpseal135harpseal135 member
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    Parker by far.
    Drop Axel, no where near as good of a name as Leo and Caden. 
  • I looooove Parker! I feel certain my husband vetoed it somewhere along the way - siiiiigh...

    Declan is also a great choice!
  • Go for Declan. Parker feels preppy (unless that's your jam) and Axel combined with Achilles sounds overly drenched in testosterone. 
  • saham07saham07 member
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    I am kind of tired of Declan. Tired od Parker too. Axel is a good name but I prefer Alec.
  • Parker or Declan.

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  • Parker
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  • Axel Achilles is way to much, and as someone who had a dog named Axel....it will sound like you are yelling asshole at the park 

    Parker fits well with your other boys 

  • Having a Parker of my own, I’m a bit biased. I do like Declan too though.
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  • Parker Ares.

    Declan does not have much nicknaming potential.

    Axel isn't my favorite name for a real person. 

    I also like Ares more than Achilles for a middle name.  
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