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I'm having twins and naming them Paloma and Lana.

I like Paloma Jolie.

Need middle name help for Lana. 

I like Lana Jade because I thought it could be cute if both girls had a J middle name but it seems a bit short. Can I throw an honor name in and do two middles?

Lana Leigh Jade 
Lana Amabel Jade
Lana Jade Martine 

Do any of these work? Or does it sound funny? 

Re: Twins

  • I think Lana Jade sounds great on its own! Not too short. :) 
  • I like Lana Amabel. I don’t like double middles in general and especially not if the other twin has one middle 
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  • What do you think of Lana Joselle? With Paloma Jolie?
  • I’d prefer Lana Josephine or Lana Jocelyn over Lana Joselle
  • I think Lana Jade sounds great. 
  • I'm thinking a J middle would be cute. I like Lana Jade if isnt too short. 

    I like Lana Joselle or Lana Juliette maybe? I prefer the Italian Giulietta but I dont think that works with Lana. 

    Sorry not a fan of Josephine. Jocelyn could maybe grow on me but I like a different spelling. Joslyn or Josceline maybe?

    I also dont hate Jessamine...
  • I like Lana Juliette. 
  • Another option is to do Paloma Camille and Lana Carene.

    Carene is a family name but I've never given it much thought... I could do Cs instead of Js. Another option is Carianne? Lana Carianne? 
  • I like both of those better. 
  • Paloma Camille and

     Lana Cari 
    Lana Carianne 
    Lana Caroline 
    Lana Carene
    Lana Cate 

    My mom's name is Karen but our Italian family always called her Kari. I would do the C to match Camille. I kinda like Lana Cari. It's still short but I guess because it's two syllables it sounds better than Jade did?
  • Oh Paloma is one of my all time favs!!!!!! 
    Lana Jade is great

  • I'm really loving Lana Cari now. I still think I prefer Paloma Jolie over Paloma Camille. So I may not do matching middle initials. 

    What do you guys think? 

    Paloma Jolie or Paloma Camille?

    And do you like Lana Cari? And spelling? Should I do Cari or Carrie? I like the simplicity of Cari personally.
  • Paloma Jolie and Lana Camille would be my combo 
  • I like both Jolie and Camille with Paloma. Don't think you can go wrong either way. 

    Not loving Lana Cari. I like Lana Jade much better. Or Lana Carene. 

    If I had to pick I'd go with Paloma Jolie and Lana Camille.
  • For some reason I dont love Camille with Lana. I could possibly do Paloma Camille and Lana Jolie. I like those better. I was also thinking Lana Jewel maybe? Paloma Jolie and Lana Jewel? 

    I really do like Lana Cari though! I think the honor name aspect is adding to it for me. I keep hearing Cari in my great grandfather's Italian accent though Haha, so maybe it just sounds better in my head? 

    I think I need at least a 2-sylable middle with Lana. I love the name Jade but I ffee like it's not flowing right. 
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