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    I wish you guys the best of luck @ruby696 I'm sorry you had to come to this decision.
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    40momma40momma member
    @ruby696 I wish you all the best in this next step. I know there's an adoption forum on TB but it's pretty quiet over there. If you feel inclined to join that group, I am likely just a few months away from joining that board as well. Thinking of you as you move on to your next journey. 
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    char245char245 member
    @ruby696 I’m sorry this didn’t work out but I’m so excited for you to start the adoption process! I hope it works out fabulously for you!!
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    ruby696ruby696 member
    @40momma I'm holding off on intro-ing on the adoption board until we have our orientation scheduled. Once it's on calendar, I'll definitely head on over. I sincerely hope I don't see you over there... But if I do, I'll be happy to navigate the process with someone I "know". <3
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