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    @ruby696 good to know, I just assumed temp drop=af. We shall see 
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    Hey ladies. Just a little update, hanging around at 6 dpo, started back up with the progesterone at 4 dpo. I'll test at 10dpo (Wednesday). I'm still not temping, I just can't get into the mindset.  If we don't get a BFP this month i'll talk to SO about options, the Ava bracelet, Clomid, thyroid testing etc. I feel like towards the end of every cycle I start considering these things but then I get caught up in the cycle and say " well next month ..." and just keep putting it off. I'm kind of scared of Clomid because from what I understand it puts you on a timer of 3-6 months before you have to stop and consider other options like IVF. This is our 5th cycle trying since our last BFP which ended in CP and our 12th cycle trying overall so it feels like we're crossing some invisible line this month. I've been told more than once that to be considered RPL there need to be 3 or more losses so I keep feeling like I just need one more BFP to really know if there is a problem or if we've have just had bad luck.

    Side note, i'm considering taking a break from the progesterone next month. I just want to see if it has made any difference in my end-of-cycle spotting. I did it once 3 cycles ago and my spotting came back with a vengeance, it seemed worse than before. With the progesterone I get 0 spotting. AF just starts full on right on time, three days after I stop taking it. Any of you had any experience going on/off the progesterone? 
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