TTC after 35

AF due today

Hi, I’m a 41 year old trying to get pregnant. I have a ten year old from an IUI I did in 08, when my ex couldn’t have kids. I had a miscarriage last May, and all of my symptoms are the same, and more intense than before I lost the pregnancy last year. I have PCOS so getting pregnant has been a struggle over the years. Every loss brings stress and insecurities every time I might be pregnant again. My husband and I have been timing things around when I O, and within two days after this last time my breasts were sore and I was cramping a little, more of a dull ache, and been dizzy. Last AF was March 3rd. I’m due to start again today but so far nothing. My breasts are huge and sore, and I’m havig adversions to certain smells and tastes. Last night I was getting twinges in my lower abdomen, felt like it did after I had my son and my muscles were doing their pants are already tight because I’m bloated. I’m nervous. I don’t want another loss. My husband can’t handle it and neither can I. Haven’t taken a test yet because I never test positive until at least a week after AF is due. So it’s due today and I’m hoping she doesn’t play a trick on me. We want a baby so badly and have been trying for three years. Two miscarriages in that time. Symptoms aren’t going away, and getting stronger. I just can’t help my worrying. Would be 4 weeks today, due date calculator says due December 8th.
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