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Natera Panorama testing

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Anyone planning on getting this done? It screens for genetic abnormalities and can (if you choose the option) to tell you the gender via placental DNA, can be done as early as 9 weeks, but with my 1st pregnancy my OB recommended at 12 weeks. Just wondering if anyone is going to do this? I plan to again, will discuss with my OB at 10 weeks.

Re: Natera Panorama testing

  • I'm an older mom, 39, so I def plan to have it done, I don't want to know the gender, but I do want to know if there are any abnormalities. I'll have the blood test at 10 weeks, and the scan shortly after.
  • Yes, I will do this. I think the test my OB's practice uses is Counsyl. I'm not really too concerned about finding out the sex, but I'll find out anyway. My OB said I can have the blood draw done anytime after 10 weeks. I will also do the NT scan at around 11 weeks.

    I did the NIPT in my last pregnancy, but much later, around 20 weeks after some potentially concerning things popped up on our anatomy scan. None of them turned out to be related to a chromosomal issue, but this time I'd like to do the NIPT early all the same.
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    I definitely will. My first pregnancy was high risk for a genetic abnormality (everything ended up being fine), so I had the Verifi test done with my second. I’ll be having it again this time at 11 weeks and will find out what we’re having as well.

  • I'm almost 41 and I can't decide if I want to do this or not?  For those of you that are, what are your deciding factors?  I almost feel like if I find out something is abnormal that will be all I focus on throughout the pregnancy instead of being excited--not to say I wouldn't love my baby no matter what.
  • @gapmom2019 most women do it so they have plenty of time to test for confirmation of anything that may show up. I know there is a small window for other tests to confirm certain abnormalities. Also, it gives you extra time to prepare for what you will need lined up after deliver. 


    For me personally, I didn't do it last time and I regretted it. I lost my baby at 15 weeks and all I wanted to know was whether my baby was a boy or girl. I wanted to give her a name. Plus, I didn't know whether she died from a chromosomal abnormality or from the massive SCH I had. That knowledge helps when you're moving forward with another pregnancy. 

    End TW

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    @gapmom2019 For me personally, I’m high risk already (37, previous high risk diagnosis, on medications at time of conception, continuing some medications, etc.), so I just want to make sure everything is okay. If there is anything truly devastatingly wrong, I would want to know as early as possible to have time to prepare myself for what the future would bring or to go over our options with my doctor if it came to that. I think it’ll also help to ease my anxiety to know that everything is fine early on (if *hopefully* it is). With my first, I ended up not doing the Verifi test after my high risk diagnosis because we were around 20 weeks or so at that point and our scans showed that everything looked okay. But I was still anxious until even after she was born, just wanting to make sure she was truly going to be okay. For me, it’s just like having a weight lifted to see the results come back “normal.” And I also really want to know what we’re having. That wasn’t as important to me with my first, only half important with my second, and now with my third I just want to know who we’re going to meet and give them a name. 

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    I'm doing the NIPT around 10 weeks. I still have to figure out if my insurance will cover it or not, but we'll do it anyway. 
  • I'm doing mine this Wednesday at 10 weeks. During my first pregnancy, I found it so reassuring to have a relatively good sense that everything was looking OK with the baby early on. I wanted the results before we told family in order to give us the space and privacy to make our own decisions should the results be different than we hoped. Same reasoning this time. 

    Both my pregnancies have been AMA, so I do get it covered. But I'd do it even if it wasn't. 
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    I got some information on this at my OB workup last week and plan on asking more about it at my appointment tomorrow, but from what I understand if you screen positive it is recommended to get further testing such as an amnio.  Although if you screen positive there is still a chance everything is okay.  Does this seem to be accurate?  Wanting to know if I read it correctly. ,
  • I had the Harmony test last time, which gives you a probability your child might have Downs, and the Trisomies. So it's like 1 in 30,000 or 1 in 350, that kind of thing. I assume the Progenity test I'm having this time is similar. 

    You can then use that information to decide whether you want the invasive tests. 

    The NIPT tests are very accurate at predicting a high risk for Downs but less accurate for the other things they test for. But from everything I've read, they are more accurate in general than the alternative screening procedures. 

    Personally, I treat it as a first screen. I'll still be getting the nuchal translucency and other later screens. And if something shows up on this one, I'll be doing invasive testing to confirm. 
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    Just found out my insurance won't cover NIPT for me (not shocking) so I'm going to pay out-of-pocket. For Natera Panorama, my OB office said it would be $240, which is totally cool with me! I'd really prefer to have this test ASAP. 
  • @mvc003 I'm paying out of pocket for mine too. 
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    @emeraldcity1214 Have you taken the test yet? I think I’m going to schedule for next week when I’m 10w + change. 

    Separately, I am having the hardest time figuring out insurance costs in general. I just got a bill for my ultra sound, which was only partially covered. I’m glad I did it, but didn’t like the surprise element.  

    I need to call and see if the NT scan is covered because I have that scheduled for beginning of May. If it’s not covered, I wonder how much out-of-pocket it would be. And if I’m doing NIPT, depending on the cost of the NT, then I don’t know if it’s worth doing both out-of-pocket. Ughhhhhh!!! It’s such a puzzle. 

  • @mvc003 I go in May 1st for mine. I'm not sure if I'm doing the US portion of it. We didn't discuss it very much at my last appointment. I know that the nuchal fold test (ultrasound) has a higher rate of false positives. So I'm not too interested in doing that one. I will for sure be getting the bloodwork done though. 
  • mvc003mvc003 member
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    @emeraldcity1214 thanks! That's helpful. I'm trying to weigh whether the NT scan would tell anything that the NIPT wouldn't...which it sounds like it would not. I think I'm just going to stick to the NIPT screening. 
  • @mvc003 maybe someone who is more knowledgeable about the specifics of those tests can weigh in. I don't know too much about it. My SIL got the nuchal fold US and got a false positive and they were just put through so much unnecessary stress. So that just hangs with me. Some people find it helpful/reassuring. 
  • @mvc003 yeah, I'd ask your OB about it if no one else here has any insight. I don't have specific insight as to the differences, but I will do both the NIPT and the NT. I'm hoping to have the NIPT back before I go to the NT u/s. I had the NT scan done with my last pregnancy and did not do the NIPT until 20 weeks due to potential issues found on the anatomy scan with my son. The NT scan is standard in the practice I go to.
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    hello **dirty lurker here** @mvc003 the NT scan will show any physical abnormalities, such as increased nuchal fold, cystic hygromas, hydrops, etc. These all could be indicators of a chromosomal abnormality *usually 50% of cases, with about 10% being normal*. If you have any physical finding on an NT scan, insurance will most likely cover the NIPT testing because of it to assess further risk. 

    NIPT is only an assessment of RISK of 4 major chromosomal abnormalities - it only takes in to consideration fetal fraction DNA & your age, no U/S findings etc. 

    The only tests that can give you 100% yes or no on any abnormality is a CVS with microarray or an amniocentesis which is usually only offered when you get a high risk result from the NIPT or have major U/S findings at the NT Scan. Edit for clarity - also offered if you are high risk for other reasons such as family history or age

    My personal experience - I had a very high nuchal fold measurement found on the NT scan, which was later confirmed to be a chromosomal abnormality through other testing. 

    Hope this helps explain it! Feel free to PM me for further questions (this goes for anyone)
    **tw loss in spoiler**

    married 11.1.14

    bfp 12.22.18 letrozole + progesterone

    d&e due to trisomy 13/hydrops/cystic hygroma @15wks

  • @chichiphin thank you for that information!
  • mvc003mvc003 member
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    @chichiphin thanks so much for that! 
  • Warning about Natera Billing: I took the Natera Panorama and Horizon tests a few weeks ago.  I was worried about whether or not my insurance covered the test, but my OB said that the company has an out-of-pocket max price of $250, and I was comfortable with that. 

    So yesterday 4/16, I got an email that said it was adressed from "Support" with the subject line "Your Insurance Estimate." It turns out that email was from Natera, letting me know that my estimated cost, if I chose to go through insurance, would be over $1,500. Or I had the option of paying Natera directly and getting the lower rate of $500 ($250 per test). I had to pay that by April 19, or else they'd just bill insurance. That gave me three days. So I called my insurance company and confirmed that the Horizon test would not be covered, and the Panorama test is technically covered, but since we haven't hit our deductible yet, we'd be paying for it. So obviously, I'm going to pay Natera directly to get the better price, but it sucks that it won't count towards our deductible. 

    I just thought it was so sleazy that a) they only reach out via email and not with a call or paper bill, b) the email was so nondescript, being from "support" regarding "insurance estimate." I almost didn't open it because I thought it was spam trying to sell me auto or life insurance and c) worst of all, they give you three days in which to decide and pay them, otherwise you're on the hook for the full amount. It's like a shakedown. And what if this had ended up in my spam filter? Or what if I'd been on vacation or something when this email came in? I'm definitely going to complain to my OB's practice about Natera. Not everyone is able to pay a $500 bill out of the blue on such short notice. Not everyone has the time to call their insurance company and sort out what the cost would be through insurance. Hell, a lot of people don't even check their email that often. Anyway, I just wanted to pass this on, and warn everyone to keep a close eye on your email inbox if you had Natera tests! Otherwise you could be liable for a huge chunk of change. 
  • This happened to me too!! I’m usually not super on top of personal emails, especially ones about medical billing (make them wait, right??), but just the NIPT would have been $800+ through insurance vs about $250 out of pocket. The three day window is totally ridiculous and predatory. They figure you know you’re going to reach your deductible for the year, they may as well get as much as they can...not cool. Also, did you notice that the pre-adjusted rate was $6000?? What? The medical industry is so nuts. Will say I got my results super fast which was nice, but shady indeed! 
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    Madamemerle have you spoken with them directly? Just curious. I'll probably give them a call and my insurance to confirm the best way to do it. My doctor said I could have come in right at 10 weeks to do it, but I think I am just going to wait until my 12.5 week appointment and do it all then. My OB office is far and I don't think I feel like making the trek and missing work. I'd love to know earlier, but I'm trying to keep in perspective that I did the quad screen with my son (only thing offered to me) and that wasn't until 16 weeks or so. I could always change my mind and go earlier I guess!

    ETA it doesn't look like my whole post is showing up...this is supposed to be what it says before the tag: I think I'll be doing this. My doctor said it would be the Progenity test. I know my insurance is not going to cover it, but she recommended just going through the insurance and having it denied and then I'd get the max out of pocket bill directly from Progenity. 
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