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Adelyne or Adelynn

Just found out our little one is a girl and I’m
over the moon excited! Thinking of naming her Adelyne Grace (or Adelyne Noelle) but I cant decide on the spelling of Adelyne... I like the “e” on the end bc I feel like it makes it a little more feminine, but would love some other opinions! do you all like Adelyne, Adelynn, Adelyn, or Adeline? 

And also which middle name name do you like better between Grace and Noelle? I like the fact that we could call her “Addie Grace” but I also think Noelle is a beautiful name, so can’t decide!


  • Adeline hands down.

    I think Grace or Noelle both sound pretty. I would probably choose Noelle, but I think you'll get responses about the flow of Noelle not working well because the first name ends with an 'n' sound and the middle name starts with it.
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  • I would pronounce Adeline differently than the other spellings you suggested (rhymes with fine). If you want the “-lynn” ending, think Adelyn or Adelynn have a better chance of being spelled correctly and pronounced correctly. 
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  • Adeline Noelle
  • Those are also two different sounds to me. Adeline/Adelyne would be different than Adelynn. 
    Which way are you wanting it to sound? Line or Lynn? 
  • Spelling would impact pronunciation, as other commenters stated above.

    Noelle and Grace are both lovely and meaningful, but Grace has a soft spot in my heart so that would get my vote for middle name.

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