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    @cmdesigner I'm totally weird about used clothes now. I wasn't until kids but now I have a whole list of requirements. If they aren't sentimental, I typically just take and donate. If they are sentimental, I'm honest that I won't use and refuse. I feel bad but most scents or certain fabrics I just won't do.
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    @cmdesigner I have a similar issue. My mil keeps buying us baby clothes from goodwill. For  those that don't have one, its a store you donate used items to and they resell rhem super cheap. I feel like a snob bc I hate when she does this for several reasons...
    1. 90% of what she buys is stained or so old it has those fuzzies on them.
    2. The sizes don't match up to the seasons or they're so big, like 24 months, I'm like wth am I supposed to do with this for 2 yrs
    3. I feel obligated to put my kid in them and I don't want to. Its my first kid, spoil them....
    4. I feel like I have to wash them as soon as they come into my house but then they'll need another wash before baby gets big enough to wear them....
    5. These people make 6 digits each and are willing to spend  $800 on a painting to hang in baby's room (which we politely refused). So why buy these clothes that are $1/pc when there are families who are struggling and need those clothes for that cheaper price when you could clearly afford the price of new clothes.

    Idk how to politely tell her to stop...
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    rms924rms924 member
    @cmdesigner @nightdreamr13 I feel your pain. Some version of this happened with my first and my husband immediately put a stop to it (kind of rudely but I didn’t have the guts!!). 

    I literally don’t understand this “save baby clothes” for 10 years business. Maybe I am just not sentimental. I already got rid of everything from ds2 which is why I am having to replace stuff but once we thought we were done having kids, there was absolutely no reason to keep things! I can’t imagine foisting any baby clothes on people bc they get stained and gross from over washing! 

    My in laws brought us my husband’s baby bottle. From the 70’s, literally. I have no idea what to do with it. In my mind, clothes, bottles etc aren’t just worth saving. I feel like the kids will appreciate pictures, maybe a stuffed animal (that’s a stretch) but all of this other stuff/mementos is really just clutter. 

    @nightdreamr13 also agree that buying clothes is super fun for your first- you should be able to enjoy it! Also, wtf mil ? Why goodwill? I don’t get it...

    i am sorry I don’t have any advice, I guess I am commiserating 🤪
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    @lillywonderland it is a swaddle sack! They’re made from material like leggings and they’re small so they fit snug. Visual in spoiler lol

    @cmdesigner I mentioned the same situation in my weekly rant. My SIL has 14yo baby clothes for me, and my MIL is bombarding me with yard sale clothes that have no regard for what size she will be in during what season. If you remember she got her a First Halloween outfit in size 9months 🙄. You are absolutely not a snob for not wanting 10 year old baby clothes! It’s totally normal to want your baby to wear clothes that are nice and in good shape! I usually just accept the stuff, smile and say thank you, then never use any of it.
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    I'm in the same boat. I have about 6 boxes of 10 yo boy clothes my cousin gave me. I don't think she would be offended if I got rid of them all but at the same time I might find something in there useful, right? We don't have the biggest house tho and I have no idea where we're going to store them... I might have to rethink the dresser in the closet idea.
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    @cmdesigner Why was she holding onto baby clothes for 10 years?  Like, by now she should have realized she was done with kids and gotten rid of them already.
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    @kgg2241 @janat1717 @nightdreamr13 @rms924 @duewithpu2 ty for validating my feelings.

    @LJMoon6 I'm going to do my best to find a few useful things in there that I can put my LO in when she comes over to visit. But otherwise I will probably donate them. I have a walk up attic but I do not want to get into the habit of holding on to things that I don't need.

    @monkeysmom80 She has letting go of things in a real way. I love her dearly but she definitely has issues, lol. She is a hoarder and not great at keeping house (and do not get me started on her husband.)  Her and my GD came over for Christmas and my GD was carefully unwrapping her presents and putting the wrapping paper in the garbage. My friend goes "who is this child?" And my GD legit turned to her and said "mom, look around, it's not like at home." It took a lot for me not to snort. Out of the mouths of babes!
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    @cmdesigner I totally understand not wanting to use the clothes, but I would be very careful with just donating them before talking to her about it - she may be expecting them back if they were sentimental to her? Just a thought, would hate for that awkward conversation a year from now when she thinks you're done with them and will return them and you've sent them to Goodwill. I'd just say, that given the seasonal difference you're not sure how much will be appropriate for your baby, so what would she like you to do with the clothes that you're not able to use. That way its not hurting feelings? 
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    @cmdesigner I toooootally get it! I'm happily taking any/everything people are offering, will pick one or two pieces I feel comfortable with for baby to wear next time said person is around, and giving the rest away
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    @MsBeachNJ I think that's a fair thing to assume. One caveat that I do have with that is I have a sinking suspicion she is offloading them onto me because she can't just donate them herself and she knows I am not sentimental at all. She tried before I got pregnant to do it and said she literally couldn't bring herself to do it (re: hoarder). 

    I guess I just have to grow a pair and tell her a version of my truth and spin the seasonal differences thing. It'll be fine, I just have so much on my plate and don't have the energy to deal with this or hold space for her emotions (I am a terrible friend, yikes.)
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    @cmdesigner I have a story to share about used clothes, but it has to wait until we can finally go private. Just know that I feel your pain!
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