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Blighted Ovum-Need Advice

I'm really frustrated with my doctor's office and would appreciate advice on how to proceed. I had transvaginal ultrasounds at 5w4d and 7w1d and all was seen is an empty gestational sac measuring a day ahead both times. OB wouldn't call it because the size didn't reach some threshold. I had hcg done the same day att 7w1d and it was 49,205 and 7w3d it was 58,611. Because I'm at 7 weeks, the doctor said a 20% increase is 2 days is still normal and wants me to get it done again tomorrow and a repeat u/s next week without actually scheduling it yet.

I'm very upset because I want this to all just be done with. There's clearly nothing there, and I don't appreciate the false hope and prolonging of my pregnancy symptoms. Is this typical, or should I be pushing back more? Will a pill be as effective at 8w? I would prefer not to do a D&C and getting even more anxious about this process.

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    I'm sorry you're going through this. The limbo period is the worst. I think that's why when I finally miscarried, I felt nothing but relief for the first few days. 

    I can only tell it's far better to have a doctor who wants to be 100 percent sure than it is to have one that pushes non viable pregnancy too soon. I've had both. My son was diagnosed as a blighted ovum. My then OB pushed for a D&C. I chose to wait. He's six now. My most recent pregnancy, I knew wasn't viable. I knew there was something wasn't right. But, my OB chose to wait. I ended up naturally miscarrying a few days later. We all knew that was the likely outcome. But, I also knew without a doubt that everything possible was done to ensure we didn't terminate a viable pregnancy...and that brought me comfort. 

    I hope you have your answers soon. Many of us know how awful the limbo is, and are here to listen and support you. 
  • I went through a blighted ovum miscarriage in Sept 2018.  Honestly, I didn't know what was happening.  My first doctor's visit was bizarre.  I had a NP come in and scan me, and then she asked for a doctor to come and do a second consult.  The NP seemed to have a hard time finding anything, and then this second doctor came in and says she not only sees one egg sac, but two (?!?!?).  The even more bizarre part was that she dated my pregnancy as about 4 weeks shy of where it should have been, saying that I had conceived in August when I knew that I had gotten pregnant in July.  I was so lost after that appointment.  Not only was my dating wrong, but there was a possibility of two babies all of the sudden.  They set up a second appointment to follow-up a week later.

    When I went back, the NP could only find one egg sac, still no spinal development, just empty.  She wanted to have me go to one more thorough ultrasound to make a firm assessment.  I did that the next day, at would have been about 10 weeks, got a call that there was in fact no baby developing at all, and that I could take a pill to induce miscarriage.  I opted to just let it happen naturally.  It was weird- as soon as I let go of the idea that the baby was developing, and after what felt like a very invasive second ultrasound, I started bleeding.  The following day, it was like my body wanted absolutely nothing to do with the pregnancy anymore and I started bleeding fiercely.  I had to go to the ER for an emergency D&C, which I really didn't want to have to do.  It worked out fine in the end, but it was all very surreal. 

    This time, I'm almost 6 weeks, and I'm definitely experiencing more pregnancy symptoms at the moment.  My first child turns 9 this year, so my memory of pregnancy with her is very blurry.  I hope if you do miscarry, that all goes smoothly.  One thing that helped me not to feel so sad about the miscarriage was something I learned from yoga (here comes the hippy crap!)- they teach that a baby's soul doesn't reside in it's body until 120 days of pregnancy, so for me, that helped a bit.  You'll still be affected by the loss, but know that your baby is still coming.  Their soul is looking for you :smile:
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  • Sorarose, how is everything going? Did you find relief or more answers to your questions? Sitting and waiting is the worst
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  • ReyesToy said:
    Sorarose, how is everything going? Did you find relief or more answers to your questions? Sitting and waiting is the worst
    Yes, it was diagnosed as a blighted ovum at 8 weeks and I had a D&C the following day. Thanks for checking in.

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