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Group 1: November 1st-8th- Check-in w/o 3/10


Re: Group 1: November 1st-8th- Check-in w/o 3/10

  • @geshem that's mine too!
  • Due 11/5/2019
    6wk 6 days

    Baby size of a bee

    Upcoming appointments 3/26 and 4/1 due to high risk (my tubes have been tied for almost 9 years- last U/S everything was good)

    Hiw am I feeling: Well still overwhelmed and kind of in disbelief, but happy. Until this time I've never had morning sickness, like ever. And I've been nauseous for almost 3 weeks straight 😑. So that I'm over, lol.

    Rants and Raves: Haven't really had any mood swings. But after the shock wore off my hubs is acting like a new dad (which is hilarious for me- our youngest is almost 9) so we've done this a few times just not recently.

    Food wise- I'd bring tamales I have the worst craving for them, I just don't want to make them. Lol
  • @Knottie0cf637e391ca4df5 I watched that movie when I wasn't pregnant and cried for like a week! Saddest movie ever. Also, would you mind changing your username so we can interact with you more easily? You may have to log out and log back in. Thanks :smiley:
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