IVF birth control and working out

Hey all!

I've been on here reading your posts for awhile now. My husband and I are starting our IVF journey due to a tubal ligation from my previous husband. I just started taking cryselle 28 birth control a week ago...annnnnd it sucks so far. I'm tired, nauseous most of the time, cant control my eating, am super forgetful and foggy and worst of all, my working out is struggling! I'm a competitive spartan racer (obstacle course racing) and thus, workout twice a day most days of the week. I run 5 days a week (or more) and lift heavy 3 days a week (twice a day). My issue right now is that I'm struggling with having the energy to keep up my workouts...anyone else experience this while taking birth control for ivf? I havent been on any kind of hormone for over 6 years, so I'm sure my body is just in shock, but I'm worried that if I'm like this on birth control, the next step (starting on the 21st of this month) is going to be MISERABLE. Any advice? Suggestions? Similar stories?
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