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  • I let my boys play with whatever they want. They have baby dolls but they go towards the construction trucks and super hero’s more often. My little girl will be able to play with whatever she wants but I LOVE the bows and cute dresses/outfits. I don’t like super over the top, tacky, hot pink looking things but as long as she can’t talk I’ll dress her in the style I like until she can speak for herself. I grew up playing softball, a cheerleader, and I was never really a girly girl but a good mixture of both. I do kickboxing now so I definitely won’t push “girly” things on her. I’m very interested to see what her personality is. I always let my boys now that I’ll support them in whatever they want to do and who they want to be and my little girl will be the same way. 
  • @bartonolivia, we did BLW with #2 and he's an infinitely better eater than DD who started with purees. But I didn't make the purees, we did those pouches and everything has fruit added. Like everything doesn't need to taste like applesauce. We will absolutely be doing BLW w/this baby too. It was so much easier for my family. 

    @bear+1, my kids are the same. My daughter is a total princess loving, pink wearing girly girl. I've always been a tomboy but she gravitated towards those things from a very young age. My son is the complete opposite. He is just tougher and more physical with an affinity for chaos and dirt.  In a house full of girl things, he will find the few trucks and only want to play with those.  I don't have a problem with my kids conforming to more traditional gender norms if that's who they are.  As long as they are happy, I am happy. 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 yeah it made a huge difference. My 3 (almost 4 year old) has always been picky since he started eating regular food. My 2 year olds favorite food is broccoli and he always eats his veggies first & asks for them constantly and there’s no sign of him slowing down on that. My 3 year old never liked veggies so idk about the whole phase thing with my kids. Lol 
  • key33key33 member
    Kids will be kids and they will grow and lean toward what interest them. My kids fit some sterotypes of genders, but break others. My daughter is the girl who loves fancy dresses but will come inside covered in dirt. My son loves cars and trucks but sneaks into his sisters room when she's at school to play with her shopkins.

    I've always let my kids gravitate towards what they want and never tried to push things on them. I'm not girly at all and my daughter love of dresses and tutus. 
  • @cindler yes! They do need to lose. I accidentally forget they’re just kids when I’m playing with them because I was given no mercy when’s I was little either.😂. Then when I bask in my win (not super mean just excited) people are like ‘she’s only 6!” Lol. Sorry Kaitlyn, I beat you fair and square in Go Fish! Lol.
  • @nolemomma14 I really do hope that this will be something that really shifts for our children. I just didn’t want to deal with my husbands family. 

    @Bear14+ I definitely want her to be able to have a decent amount of agency over her choices, within reason. 

    @cindler I think you can celebrate a loss for its own merits. Teaching them that failure is important to learning. 
    My little sister can’t handle failure at all, and I think you are spot on that it doesn’t teach the right lesson, 
  • My UO:

    I totally respect people not having their kids subscribe to gender stereotypes.  I love that my DD has a boy in her ballet class.

    BUT, I secretly love it when she wants to wear make up or chooses pink things.
  • @ketomommy yes! My parents were always supportive of whatever I did. My mom played cars with me even though she hated it and I never knew until I was an adult. But she secretly reveled in the fact that I spent my entire 8th year in a purple crushed velvet leotard and tutu dancing around the house like a ballerina. 

    I literally have no desire to pressure my son into girly things or boy things but if he plays soccer like I did and loves box cars and band, I’ll be stoked! Not because they’re ‘boy’ things though, because we’ll have things in common.
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