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  • @kbirchtree someone in my F16’ group also posted pictures of a bridge/road they closed to a nearby town because the other side was flooded.  Everything is under water.  Crazy!

    @MRDCle good luck tomorrow!

    It looks like I’m getting additional responsibilities at work starting in the next week or so.  I’m getting a new team (~8 people) on top of the one I already manage.  But my boss is working on getting me a promotion with this job change (yay!) and 2 of my current employees may also be getting promotions to a new team while I’m on leave.  I’m actually really excited for them because they deserve it.  But it’s going to be so stressful over the next couple weeks until I go out and again when I get back from mat leave playing catch up.

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  • @MRDCle good luck! Keeping you all in my thoughts! 

    I 100% keep forgetting how far along I am because I just feel so pregnant. I told someone I have like 5 1/2 weeks left today and then hours later after I got home, I looked at my calendar that tracks my weeks and was like “oh, it’s 6 1/2 weeks til my due date...” I think I’m trying to will time to move faster. 
  • Super productive day for me as well. Bought a dress for maternity photos. Went to the hospital and did my preadmission interview. Moved all my stuff into a new room and cleaned up a room for baby.

    Putting the apartment hunting on hold until after maternity leave since we still haven’t found anything. Stuck at my parents’ house which isn’t ideal and took me a while to accept, but we’ll make it work for now.
  • So many new posts!

    @mermaidca, yay on the new van!  I bet that's a huge relief to have settled on something.

    @harveyisaboysname, hah, yeah, I will not be watching any birth videos beforehand this time... I have no idea how I made it through the first time either.  But we've got this!  Like riding a bike, right?  :tongue:

    @MRDCle, sending good thoughts your way for tomorrow!

    @frenchfrymama , that would stress me out as well!  Fingers crossed your SO is back in plenty of time, and in the meantime, try to keep busy either prepping what you can for baby or checking out the new town for things to do?

    @kbirchtree , yikes, stay safe!

    @jlklec19, I just accidentally thought I was 36 weeks in my head instead of 34, haha.  I definitely think it's wishful thinking on my part.
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  • @harveyisaboysname yes, Sonoma County. It’s all flood... we got record rain in one day. Thankfully if should peak only a foot or two higher than it is and then go down over the next 2 days as fast as it went up. 

  • Good luck tomorrow, @MRDCle! Prayers for you and the babies.

    @kangstadt yes, super stressful... But I'm making a list of all the projects I want to finish and I'm feeling like I'll have plenty to do ☺️
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    Got denied for Facebook even though I'm on here everyday. Oh well who needs em.
    Yay for everyones productivity! I was also super productive today. I put together the glider and the travel system. Also my mother and I spent almost $200 in baby clothes!! So I put all that away. Playard comes Tuesday. I'm excited to finally be getting it all together
  • We had company for lunch and different company for dinner yesterday, with me trying to clean/run errands with FIL in between, and there are SO MANY posts to catch up on. Way to go, team.  

    @lilpotatomama I’m glad your boss is working with you to explore options and hope your doctor is willing to work with HR as well. P/T at 6 weeks is def not ideal but based on the financial stress of a longer mat leave, it may end up being a relief in some ways...obviously depending on whether childcare can be sorted.

     @professormama since clicking on the Winter Water Factory link I’m getting fb ads from them and I’m newly obsessed with their fabric patterns.

     @mermaidca yay new and reliable car that will fit three kids! I’m not looking forward to replacing my super reliable car or DH’s less than reliable but massive cargo area car with one that will be filled with car seats. I actually saw a pregnant lady and her five kids under 12 walking around the store yesterday and my FIRST thought was omg, how does she fit them and groceries in the car at the same time?

     @frenchfrymama pity party justified. That’s really short notice even without all the other factors.

     @kbirchtree 😲 that is serious flooding! I’d discuss an emergency plan with your doctor, just because.
  • @stefanielyn1991 I addressed this in the fb thread as well. 

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  • @mermaidca Yay Van! I think this weekend will be our van purchase! 
  • Mini rant- DH got rear ended, thankfully he’s ok! But our (cheap, functional, paid off) car is right on the edge of totaled, despite the damage looking mostly superficial. We have to wait until Monday at the earliest for a shop to take a look at it, and see whether we need to shell out money for a new car or if insurance will fix it. Not the best time for an expense like this, and I hate waiting in limbo for an answer!
  • @kangstadt that makes me feel better lol - at least I'm not alone. 
  • cabearitcabearit member
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    @lin0442 Oh no! So sorry to hear that. Doesn't it always seem like those unexpected expenses have the worst timing? Since getting pregnant, my almost paid off car was in a fender bender with H (that left a gaping scratch-hole in the bumper, no insurance information exchanged since it was H's fault on a rainy day and no damage to the other vehicle) and H's almost paid off car sprung a leak in the hose that connects to the radiator. All I want is to make it to delivery without more car issues. 

    I found a rocking chair/glider on FB Marketplace that was posted by a friend. I'm stoked because a) it was $150 and b) the friend who is selling it to me is really clean. lol. We pick it up on Friday. Although I really want to put it in the nursery to add to the aesthetic, I think it's going to end up in our living room where it will be most functional. 
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  • @cabearit Fingers crossed for you and your poor cars! I’m currently assuming the worst because hey, that’s life, and I’d rather be pleasantly surprised. The kindest thing we’ve ever done for ourselves was establish a good rainy day fund, but I realize how lucky we are to be able to do so in the first place.
  • @lin0442 and @cabearit if it makes you feel any better, I nailed my passenger side mirror on the side of our house backing out of the garage today. I got out of the car and muttered a few really choice words (so DD wouldn't hear) and flipped my mirror back so I could use it. It's just cracked, but still. I'm mostly pissed that I did it myself and I can't blame anyone else.
  • Ugh.  Slipped on a patch of ice outside the office on my way in today.  One leg went sideways out from under me, so that ankle got wrenched and I landed (hard AF) on my right knee and right hand.  I'm ok but had to fight back tears telling my co-workers haha.  I'm such a baby!!!  I'm sure baby is fine because I only fell on my knee and hand but holy do they ever hurt!  They have swollen up right away and I'm sure I'll be feeling this tomorrow!  Now I'm sitting here with an ice pack trying not to be dramatic but wouldn't be upset with a sympathy half day.

    @lin0442 I've had so many car issues (one stolen, one t-boned and written off, then rear ended all within 9 months).  I feel your pain.  That sucks but glad he's ok!
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    @mrstmoose I cracked the plastic front bumper protector on my car not long after we moved into our current apartment. Didn’t turn sharp enough and knocked the support pole. It’s cracked and looks awful but it’s just the bumper protector so we haven’t gotten it fixed. It bugs me but I too am mostly mad cause I did it to my self. 

    Add me to the so over car issues group. Since it’s finally not pouring rain, DH and my dad are going to work on my car today and replace the part we think is the problem. But knowing our luck they will get in there and find 3 others. 

    The internet just went out at work. And IT isn’t in for another 15. It’s going to be one of those days. 
    this is my backup acct.
    prevously helloblueeyes

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  • @mermaidca oh boo, that sucks! Falling during pregnancy is so much worse because your body is already so off balance and out of whack. I hope it heals quickly.

    @lin0442 oh no! If the car is actually totaled, but still functional (the damage actually is only cosmetic), then you might consider taking the insurance money and continuing to drive the car. You could just save the money in a separate account toward a downpayment on a new car when that one is no longer working. 

    It's 10:30am and it's already one of 'those' days. Nothing major bad, just generally tired and grumpy and minor things being annoyingly off. My starbucks app wasn't working and I ran out of time to get coffee; literally all my maternity shirts except tank tops were dirty, and none of my regular clothes fit - it's only 40F here - so I'm wearing a sweater that doesn't quite cover my belly over a crummy tshirt that is at least long enough. Also didn't shower so I've got a beanie on. Totally (not at all) professional for office hours... 
  • @mermaidca omg no! That sounds horrible. I’d absolutely be crying and I’d probably go home too because I’m such a big baby. Heck I cry getting out of bed sometimes now because everything hurts. I can’t imagine adding an actual injury to that
  • Man it sounds like shit is hitting the fan for everyone with car or work troubles.The universe just likes to kick us when we are down, doesn’t it?
    hopefully things start turning around for us all. Maybe this means we will all have fast and easy labors! One could only hope!!! 
  • @mermaidca I'd feel better if you at least call your OB to let them know, even if you didn't land to where you could physically hurt the baby.
  • I ordered Chipotle through DoorDash. They gave me brown rice instead of white rice. Come on people!
  • Just used my completion discount to order everything off my registry! WOOT
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  • @kosmo86 DH and I are going shopping on Saturday to finish ours! My mom is watching DD so I'm excited for a meal without a tiny human crawling all over us and shopping!
  • @lin0442 oh no! So many car accidents! Ugh! I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. Fingers crossed insurance will cover.

  • Thanks everyone- and sorry so many people are dealing with car bs too! I’m mostly just glad he wasn’t hurt- the car is just a thing, at the end of the day.

    @mermaidca I’m glad there’s no major injury but owww. Sorry you’re dealing with that.

    @mrstmoose Injustice. It’s such a bummer when delivery places get an order wrong.

    @harveyisaboysname I like your optimism for labor quality! :lol:
  • @mrstmoose Oh no! That is awful. At least it didn't fall off? 
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  • 💕hearts for all the boo boos. I am afraid to fall right now. 

    Ot 75 items prepped to sell at our local JBF sale (look it up, they are all over the country) hoping to get a good commission and pick up some gently used things for baby before I use my completion discount for things we need. Target I can also add household items or whatever to spend the 15% off so I want to make a good list to add to the registry after next week. 

    @mrstmoose I’d be sad too. We can’t get any delivery out where we live. I forgot it was a thing... whoops. 
  • @mermaidca did u tell your boss and HR about the injury? They need to provide u a safe work environment and that includes sidewalks and parking areas.
  • So many posts from when I last checked! All I can say is sorry to hear of all the car troubles and for the falls. I've been so emotionally exhausted I decided to play hooky from work today and tomorrow (even tho I should've saved the PTO) and went with DH out of town for a work trip. So I'm just relaxing in a hotel room. I like hotel rooms. :smile:
  • s_montgomerys_montgomery member
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    Just got the confirmation that next week will be my last at work. I’m sad that I’m not going to see the kids everyday, but I’m so pumped to take naps whenever I want and to catch up on Netflix. All my March bills are paid and DH is paying off his car and credit card next week so I don’t even have to worry about finances until April ( when he hopefully gets a raise). If I wasn’t so exhausted I’d be doing a really intense happy dance right now 
    I'll do one for you. Congrats!!

  • @kbirchtree we have JBF locally. I just shopped at Rhea Lana’s here in town which is similar. I hope they all sell for you! 
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  • @harveyisaboysname hooray! Let the happy dancing commence (tomorrow)! 

    I was going to go to sleep early. Then I sat down and started working after I put my kiddo to bed. Now it’s 11pm. Oops. On the up-side, I’m almost done with one of my online April lectures. It’s dumb that I’m taking the time to completely revamp all my lectures right now. But if I’m going to record them and put them online, I want them to be as current and good as possible. And if I can keep getting ahead even a little bit, it will make my life soooo much easier once baby arrives. 
  • @tmblickley I did! The building manager came and took a report then I asked my company's OH&S manager if he wanted an incident report (took him 2 emails to respond) and he totally didn't care whoch surprised me.  I have my email chain telling him about it and him brushing me off.
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    H: 36
    L & N twin girls: 3yo. Born at 30 weeks. 2 month NICU stay
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  • I really hope @MRDCle is doing okay right now! 

    Yall, we made it to Friday! Hoooooray!! 
  • Yay, @MRDCle!  March babies :smile:.

    Anyone else have a dream so vivid they're mad at their SO for what they did in the dream when they wake up?  :lol:

    Also, I'm so miserable this week it's making me consider again that this will probably be our last baby, and it's seriously bumming me out.  I feel like I'm going through that "grieving process," of not raising a daughter all over again (although of course I do/will love both of my boys with all my heart).  :neutral:
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  • @kangstadt My H is never in my dreams, but I am always in his and usually doing something to piss him off or make him sad. His subconscious has it out for me, though he swears that he doesn't really feel that way. lol.

    The A/C in my work is out today. I live in Central Florida. And my classroom has no windows. I may die. 
    Me: 36, H: 37 | Married: 10/15/16 | DS#1: 7/18/04 | DS#2: 4/18/19
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