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  • @kyashley1227 yay! I want those pjs. And I’m thrilled that you’re down to the NG tube! 
  • @kyashley1227 he looks great!

    @kosmo86 my mom just had a similar experience with amazon. She ordered DS a new bed for his 3rd birthday and stayed home 4 seperate times for the delivery. Never got the bed but amazon did refund her and his new bed(a different one from zulily) just arrived today....two weeks early!

    @mrstmoose @batmama31 confrontation gives me so much anxiety that I’m having DH take care of it. And of course we had a crazy wind storm last night and the store is closed today due to power outages....grrrr
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  • @kyashley1227 He's so beautiful, and I'm glad he's doing so well!!! How much longer do you think he'll be in the hospital (I'm totally clueless as to these things)?

    I told DH that after baby comes I'd really like to hire someone to clean the house; however, I changed my mind b/c instead, I'm going down to working 4 days a week instead of 5. So I think I can suck it up for our budget to do the cleaning. We're still getting full-time daycare so my plan is to take LO to daycare on Fridays just for a few hours so I can grocery shop, clean the house, work out, etc. Then the weekends can be more focused on family time. I know it'll still be crazy busy, but I'm SO excited to have a day off work. I think it'll help my sanity a ton.

    Totally random, but my boss' boss (who is a total dim whit) asked how I was feeling today. When I said tired, he said, just wait until the baby comes! No shit, sherlock. What I wanted to tell him was until you grow a baby inside you, you cannot have an opinion about how I feel while pregnant! I'm so cranky I just wanted him to shut the f*** up. And I'll be working right up until I deliver. I really want all my maternity leave to be used after LO is born. I can do it, I can do it.....
  • @suchagoodone @mrstmoose @MRDCle my mom is going to come help me get clean and organized sometime next week. I’m so excited! She’s been a huge help lately, and I think I’ll take her out to dinner. Or buy takeout if I get lazy, haha. I’ve managed to get a decent amount done since I posted this morning, too. 
    I fully plan on hiring someone for AFTER baby, though. I don’t know how regularly I’ll do that, but I would definitely be willing to budget for it. 

    On the topic of mat leave: I have 27 days until mine starts! Technically 30, but I made good use of PTO for those last few days. Unfortunately, because I do not qualify for FMLA, I may have to go back to work significantly earlier than anticipated - around 6 to 8 weeks pp. I’m trying to be positive about it: there is no minimum, so I only have to go back one day a week for maybe 6,7 hours or so. It still sucks. I had really been looking forward to having my 14 weeks. I have a meeting with HR tomorrow, fingers crossed we can work out a better arrangement. 

    @thatbaintforbetty glad he apologized to you! My H is really bad about keeping me updated when he isn’t at home, so I feel you. 
    @kyashley1227 he’s getting so big!
  • @blueberrymomma I would definitely be asking for a refund and just looking for a new chair. 

    @batmama31 for valentines day I booked a couples massage and a nice dinner out; and I arranged for babysitting for our 4 year old. It was awesome to have time just the two of us that was relaxing and kid free before the baby comes. Maybe you could do something similar? 

    @kyashley1227 awwwwwwww! He's so adorable, I hope he progresses quickly and you can take him home soon! 

    On cleaning: I really want to hire someone because our house does not get cleaned nearly enough, and especially not now. My husband is weirdly resistant to it, but I think pretty soon I'm going to push a little harder. I don't need someone to come super frequently, but once a month to at least do bathroom floors and stuff would be nice. 

    I just had my 32 week appointment. Ultrasound went great, baby is measuring right on track and from his pictures, he's seriously going to be identical to my older son. The subject of cervical checks also came up. I was fully intending to decline all cervical checks but my doctor REALLY pushed on me doing the 36 week check. I'm going to do some reading and research between now and my 34 week appointment about how necessary they really are. I do NOT want one. They're painful, they can introduce infection, and I can't see why it just HAS to be done. But I did not feel equipped to argue with her this time. She definitely has a very authoritative attitude that tends to rub me the wrong way. I also find it weird how much variation there is between doctors. My last doctor with my older son wouldn't budge on the gestational diabetes test, but she let me skip all cervical checks until I was in the hospital. This one let me skip the glucose drink and just did a different blood test, but she's really pushing on the cervical check. I think it definitely says something about the fact that a lot of medicine is still not clear cut, and a lot of the care we receive depends on whose giving it. 
  • @kyashley1227 I'm so glad Noah is doing well! 

    @lilpotatomama one day a week isn't terrible (though definitely not ideal). Look at it this way, it'll give you a break and a chance to talk to other adults. 
  • @mrstmoose that’s what I was thinking, too. It’ll get me out of the house, which I know will be super important for my postpartum mental health. 
  • @kyashley1227 What a handsome little guy!! So happy he's doing well. I hope you're able to take him home soon!
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  • @kyashley1227 he is absolutely precious - thank you for the update!! 

    On the topic of cleaning, I really want to hire someone. Friends of mine who live in the same building have someone come in a couple of times a month and it's pretty affordable. I brought it up to DH today because I have just been absolutely useless in keeping our apartment clean (and since it's small, the clutter can drive me nuts) and I feel terrible that so much has fallen to him. I would rather us get to spend our time focusing on getting ready for baby and enjoying these last few weeks together than constantly stressing over a cleaning to do list. I think I'm going to bring it up to him again tonight after I talk to my friend about who she uses and how she got set up with them. Even if we just use someone for the next few months, while I'm still pregnant and during the beginning of my maternity leave and trying to adjust, it would just be such a big help. My mom is going to come stay for a week or so after LO gets here, but I don't want to dump all of my cleaning on her either. I think it's worth the budgeting. 
  • @jlklec19 that's honestly my sole reason for having it. I work FT M-F plus with a tiny human and one on the way, and trying to spend time with DH, and making dinner every night and doing laundry, cleaning was overwhelming to me. So to be able to task that off to someone else has seriously freed up our weekends to do other things and I rarely think about cleaning. 
  • @kyashley1227 He's looking great!  I remember that day when my girls were in real clothes.  It's a huge milestone and such a great one!

    @professormama I think you're so right.  It really shows that so much in medicine is not totally concrete and ideas and studies are constantly changing.  Certain doctors feel so strongly about certain things while others don't care about it.  It's a bit frustrating at times, but also makes me feel better about pushing back and being an advocate.
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  • @mrdcle fingers crossed all goes well with both you and them!
  • I’m 15 minutes into The Lorax movie and I’m crying. My emotions are insane today.
  • @kyashley1227 he’s looking great! What a cutie!

    @MRDCle glad you’re in good hands and that they look good! Thinking of you as you prep to meet them soon!

    Cleaning: I asked DH to get me a one time deep clean as my push present. I really want someone to come in and take care of the spring cleaning things and things I can no longer bend over it stretch to do. Baseboards, ceiling fans, cabinets, oven, etc. 
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  • @MRDCle good luck to you  and your lo’s. 

    Cleaning: We splurge once a year for someone to come deep clean the baseboards, walls, and floors. I’m lucky that DH is pretty great about keeping things clean (clutter makes him cranky) and with my mom here she helps out a lot 
  • @MRDCle hugs! Safer out than in once the steriods have their full effect!
  • @MRDCle Good luck! T&P headed your way and hopefully they do just as well on the outside as they did on the BPP. 

    Please keep us updated if you can. 

    Also so many babies all of a sudden?!?! Holy shit! 
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  • @MRDCle- sending positive vibes your way! 
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  • Today's “holy crap, I’m having a baby” moment was during our hospital tour. I made it through birthing class yesterday pretty okay, but we were in the delivery room on our tour of the hospital today and I looked at my DH like “holy crap, we’re actually going to have a baby. Like soon.” 

    Then we went by the nursery and my son kicked me real hard the whole time the other moms and I gushed over how cute the babies were. 
  • @kyashley1227 aww! he is so adorable!

    @MRDCle wow! Good luck! 
  • @MRDCle keeping you in my thoughts! 
  • @MRDCle thinking of you and sending positive thoughts!

    @professormama you are so right with provider discretion on things. I feel good with who I currently have in the hospital but I have a feeling I will need to advocate for some things come labor day. Granted, healthy is number one but there is a ton of conflicting information on how to get there. Personal opinion, I avoided all checks until labor with DD since they dont predict impending labor with accuracy and only increases risk of infection and other things that can cause preterm labor. I planned to do the same this time around and especially since my waters are gone they are hands off cervical check wise.

  • @mrdcle thinking of you and your sweet boys!!!  💜💜💜💜
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  • For anyone who wants to decline cervical checks, this is a good resource re the research. 
  • @kyashley1227 he is perfection!! Congratulations on the new milestones, so happy to hear he is progressing well!

    @MRDCle best of luck!! Thoughts and prayers for you and the babes.
  • @MRDCle keeping you in my thoughts and prayers
  • On cleaning: it’s terrible. I would hire someone but we can’t do that. I will be making a list and when people ask how they can help it will be cleaning :) 

    On babies: yay for Noah! 

    On birthdays: it’s ok to not be creative and just ask what he needs right now, 

    On pain: pelvic pain is terrible, I hate it, sleep is terrible, baths help....

    weather here is loads of rain(rain is good) more flooding (not so good) and a dog who freaks out all
    night. 🤦‍♀️

    having tons of BH tonight and cant sleep, so scanning the bump. 

  • @kbirchtree totally legit reason to be bumping. +1 for asking people for help cleaning

    on cleaning/cleaners: I mean, I’d love a regular housekeeper, but it doesn’t stop me from having to clean up constantly behind my toddler. Her thing: purposely pour liquid on the floor (she does grab a rag to mostly mop it up). Her father’s thing: give her liquid other than water in an uncovered glass “because she asked for it” (wtf! You know better than her!). I think all a housekeeper would add is more frequent mopping, toilet cleaning, and shower cleaning. Meanwhile, I try to keep on top of the dishes and the general toddler tornado on a daily basis and add some level of deeper clean - today’s was washing handprint grime off cabinets. 

    On birthdays: DH resents being told he has to celebrate his birthday so I am zero help on that front. I think it’s weird that he wants to treat it like any other day.

    We’ve had gale force winds all day and it’s been knocking out power all over town. Fortunately not to our house but I’m ready for it to settle down so I can stop worrying about the piles of things DH has in the yard from his basement clean-out project.
  • preg-somnia blows. I'm grading at 5am because I can't sleep. Definitely plan on taking a nap later today. 
  • preg-somnia blows. I'm grading at 5am because I can't sleep. Definitely plan on taking a nap later today. 
    Ha. I just worked from 4-6. DS came to our bed at 2:40 and I couldn’t go back to sleep. At least we’re productive?
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  • @MRDCle haha, sure, I guess that's the 'bright side.' I think I'd rather be getting a good nights' sleep though. 
  • @kyashley1227 He’s beautiful! I’m glad you’re both doing well.

    @MRDCle Ah! My fingers are crossed for the three of you.

    Agreed about pregsomnia. I spent most of the night tossing and turning, with the cat refusing to wake up and hop off of me. Then DH couldn’t get out of bed in time to pack our lunches before I had to leave. I was a *saint* to not start an argument before work.
  • @kyashley1227 He is so precious in his little jams! Glad to hear he is doing so well  :)

    @MRDCle How exciting! Good luck and positive vibes coming your way for the three of you  <3
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  • Crappy sleep for me as well. The only reason I’m up right now is because I’m going to have to get up in an hour anyways. Don’t see the point in trying to go back to sleep.

    Yesterday at work it was insanely busy and I was having a crazy amount of Braxton Hicks. I had to go sit down a few times so they would stop. My OB told me if I had 6 in an hour to call her and I hit 5 at one point. It was making me so nervous. 
  • +1 on the pregsomnia only slept from 830-1 and then light sleep from 4-6. This blows. My male coworker told me he was tired and I wanted to punch him. Know your audience, dude. I had zero sympathy. 
  • @gollygeeitsamy I have a male coworker like that. He is totally self-absorbed. As you said, I have zero sympathy for that shit!
    Speaking of zero sympathy, my DH was complaining about how early he had to get up this morning b/c he had to be in Salt Lake at 7:45. Now, 90% of the time he works from home and gets up around 7:30. I commute to Salt Lake EVERY DAY and have to be there at 7:30. It's about 45 minutes without traffic. Talk about know your audience! And he was fast asleep around 10 last night and I was still up at 11:30. I'm a zombie today.
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