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  • How's everyone feeling/what's everyone up to today? I feel like I'm starting to feel sort of low-level nauseous today. The past couple days I have just been tired. 

    Not much going on other than that. I have a project due at work so I'm trying to finish that up, and then I'm hoping to go for a run after work, but it seems to have started snowing so I'm not sure my motivation will stay strong through that..
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  • kopp5988kopp5988 member
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    @klstone25 congrats!!!

    @mvc003 congrats! I’m so nervous too and have taken 4 FRERs so far and ordered some wondfos off amazon because the 4 week wait until the doctor will see me is gonna kill me. 

    @MusicalFamily aww that’s such a cute way to tell him!

    @creamcheeseplease good luck finishing up your project. My concentration has been struggling these past couple days at work lol. I’m feeling mostly fine but so far have been getting slightly nauseous after every meal since Sunday. I get cramps on and off, which is part of the reason I keep taking tests even though I know it’s a pregnancy symptom since it’s also an AF symptom. And I have no energy when I get home from work so gonna have to make sure to get all workouts in before work.  Hopefully you can keep your motivation to run this afternoon but only if it isn’t slippery out!

  • @MusicalFamily Congrats! I did something very similar. I bought DD the "everyone loves a big sister" shirt at Carters last week. It just happened to come in the mail yesterday (talk about perfect timing). After I got a positive FRER last night, I wrapped the test in the big sister shirt and gave it to my H. He was shocked. It took us 16 months to conceive DD, so I think he was expecting it would take just as long this time. 

    @kopp5988 Congrats! So happy to see you here too! 

    @prpl11butterfly Thanks! 

    @creamcheeseplease Good luck finishing up your work project! It's suppposed to start snowing here tonight, so I'm going to try and get to the gym later this afternoon. I'm working from home today mainly because DD has a cold and also there's no way I could function in the office today. I still can't believe this is really happening. I keep staring at the tests. I think once I finally turn a CB digital, it will really sink it. I did call and schedule my appointment. I'll be anxiously counting down the days until 3/27
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    TTC #2: December 2018
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  • @klstone25 haha yeah I had the tests all piled up in the linen closet and MH was like what are we doing with these... we keeping these... they aren't going to change to negative. lol. I think he might have thrown them out but I'm going to try to grab a couple more on Saturday. Apparently they don't make those CB weeks estimators ones anymore, but those are the ones I really liked when I was first pregnant the last time. Hope you get to the gym before the snow!

    @kopp5988 yeah, I'll have to see if its slippery out.. it doesn't look like its sticking much or anything, so that's good at least. I just really want to be more active than I was during my last pregnancy. I should try to make time in the morning, but that's proving difficult for me. 
  • @creamcheeseplease Hope you can finish your project and can run tonight! And hopefully it doesn't snow too much. I def want to lock in the habit of being more active before I start feeling too tired 
    @kopp5988 I'm the exact same way! I've been very lightly crampy. Any twinge and I'm like OMG it's actually my period! I also bought a box of the Wondfos lol. MH thinks I've lost it. This wait is truly so stressful! 
    @klstone25 hahaha I am the same way! Glad to know I'm not the only one...I keep going to my counter and staring at the tests as if I don't believe my eyes. I'm waiting a little to try a digital test and feel like it'll sink in even more then 

  • Congrats @MusicalFamily @amyjay23 @klstone25 and @mvc003!!  

    @MusicalFamily I am a teacher as well!  I’m actually pretty new at it, only 2 years and I teach elementary.  I’m wondering how things will change once I have a newborn!  
  • @creamcheeseplease:  congrats congrats congrats - but I'm gonna miss typing your name over in TTGP!!
    @klstone25 @kopp5988 - so excited to see both of you "hiding" over here!!  
  • @mvc003 hahaha I didn’t tell MH that I bought the wondfos lol. He already thinks I’m insane. 

    @lcking82 thanks!! 
  • @kopp5988 🤣 Covert POAS. Literally all I can think about is going home and taking another test
  • @mvc003 hahaha yup. And yeah I’m with you there.. I used an FRER this morning, got a blood test later in the morning (not that you get results until the next day anyway) and then used a wondfo when I got home from work. Hopefully you can sneakily take yours so YH doesn’t make fun of you for another test! 
  • @kopp5988 lol I’m just so glad I’m not the only one 🤣🤣
  • Hi ladies, and congrats to @mvc003 @creamcheeseplease @kopp5988 @MyCousinVinny @MusicalFamily and @klstone25!

    I had my BFP Monday morning after TTC for a few months, I thought for sure it would take longer so I'm still trying to convince myself that it's really real! I definitely feel you on wanting to re-do the test. I have a couple of extra ones and I will probably use them between now and first appointment to make sure all is still well.

    I'm a STM, and like MusicalFamily my first was in first month of trying, part of why I thought this time would take much longer, because... statistics? DS is 13m old and we're so excited for him to be a big brother. I've been already feeling gassy and extra tired even though only 4wk tomorrow - it feels super early to be having any symptoms, so I'm definitely second-guessing everything whether it's actually due to pregnancy. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one feeling something. According to LMP, DD should be Nov 7.

    We've been trying to decide when to tell people, DH and I both kind of hate the secrets where people have to remember who's in on it and who isn't, we did it that way last time and it was... a bit of a disaster. On the other hand, while we don't want to tell the world yet in case something happens, we would want a few people to know to support us... I also kind of just want to be open about it since we moved to a new area 6 months ago and I really want to ask local ladies about good midwife/OB practices and hospitals and stuff. What are your plans?
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  • @geshem congrats to you and YH!! 

    I feel you on not knowing who to tell (if anyone). I felt along the same lines as you, that if something were to happen, we’d have a support system. We’re going to tell just our parents and siblings. 

    I moved across the country last year and would love to start connecting with local ladies. Such a good idea! 
  • Congrats @MusicalFamily @amyjay23 @klstone25 and @mvc003!!  

    @MusicalFamily I am a teacher as well!  I’m actually pretty new at it, only 2 years and I teach elementary.  I’m wondering how things will change once I have a newborn!  
    I got pregnant my first year of teaching and gave birth my second year. Your mindset changes and managing your time gets stricter because you have less time lol! You worry less about work and more about that sweet baby ;)
  • @klstone25 I was just the opposite. I conceived my son in the first month of trying and this one has taken me 19 months! 
  • @lcking82 thank you!

    @geshem congrats! I am also struggling with telling people this time around. My first I didn't want to tell anyone until 10+ weeks, although I think we told my parents earlier than that. This time I am just tired and don't feel like going through the whole lying thing. I have a birthday party for a friend on Saturday and it is at a brewery and there is just no good way to fake drink at a brewery. MH doesn't want me to tell, but I am not the kind of person who turns down a social drink, haha. Anyway, its kind of been stressing me out.

    Re: tests, i peed on a cheapie this morning. They are the amazon easy @ home, which I didn't get a positive on until 13dpo, even though I had a positive on FRER on 11. The line was dark, so I guess that is good. If i can hold off on buying more expensive tests my wallet will thank me :)
  • *lurker*
    Not to be a debbie downer, but I recommend stepping away from the tests sooner than later.  With my 2nd pregnancy I took a cheapie test every other day until my 1st u/s at 9 weeks and the line was always very strong.  *TW* when I went in for my first appointment I found out I had a MMC around 7.5 weeks.  Still had strong lines and every pregnancy symptom in the book.  *end TW*

    It's nice to see those lines getting darker those first few days, but it's really not going to give you any info about the health of your pregnancy (and for some people, after HCG reaches a certain point the line starts getting lighter).  
  • @maebyfunke22 yes, you’re right. It isn’t indicative of anything. I’m sorry for your loss. 
  • @geshem congrats on number two! We’re planning to tell my parents next weekend because they’re visiting and I love wine and they will notice if I’m not drinking. I’ll be 5wks 4 days when they get here. I wanted to wait until the 8 week scan but oh well. Well probably tell MHs parents and my moms side of the family at Easter since well have an excuse to go home to visit, I’ll be a day or two shy of 12 weeks by then. 

    @creamcheeseplease could you potentially bring a non alcohol beer with you in your purse, order a beer and dump in the bathroom and then refill with your non-alcoholic one? It’s a waste of a beer/money obviously but could be an option if you don’t want to tell yet.  I peed on another cheapie this morning too.. whoops lol.. also still temping double whoops. 

    @maebyfunke22 first-love your user name! Second- so sorry for your loss; and third- you are totally right and I’m well aware I need to step away from peeing on sticks, I got my 48 hr follow up hcg blood work yesterday and should get the results today. So I’m hoping that once I get the results I’ll be able to back off a bit. I didn’t know it could get lighter even if you still have high levels though and are still pregnant so thank you for that info. My main driver in taking them is that I wanted to make sure the line was still there right before telling my parents. But I guess that’s not an accurate way to assess after a while. I will try my hardest to stop peeing on sticks
  • @icking82 Thanks!  :)

    @geshem Congrats! I actually told my Mom yesterday. We're going on a trip with my parents to Disney World in two weeks, so they would have figured out when I wasn't drinking or going on any of the roller coaster type rides anyway. My ILs live in FL and we'll be staying with them for a few day before heading to Disney. We want to tell them in person, so we'll be waiting til we're down there to tell them.  We're going to hold off on telling our friends until after my appointment. I think we waited until 11 weeks with DD. 

    @maebyfunke22 I'm so sorry for your loss. 

    Me: 35  DH: 39
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013

    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17

    TTC #2: December 2018
    Mirena out 12/5/18
    BFP: 2/26/19 | EDD: 11/7/19
    <3 DS born 11/3/19 
  • Hey ladies! Hope you're having good days so far. I'm just at work counting down the minutes till I can go home and read some more. 

    I was wondering what kind of prenatal vitamins you all were taking? I know one isn't a right fit for all, but just curious. 
  • @mvc003 I’m taking all naturemade brand vitamins - prenatal multi (not the one with DHA because it wasn’t usp verified), fish oil (the same dose that’s in the prenatal with DHA to make up for it), and a super b-complex 
  • kopp5988kopp5988 member
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    Also maybe tmi but is anyone experiencing an extreme amount of gas?? I have digestive issues (celiac disease) and have always been a pretty gassy person especially before I was diagnosed. But seriously this is like a whole new level. It’s like constant farting for the past 3 or 4 days  :#
  • @kopp5988 thanks so much!! I’ll have to check the one I’m taking for DHA. Gah! I have so much to learn. 

    And YES on the gassy front 😆😆 It’s insane! But I also have always had GI who knows

    Im also constantly thirsty. And my mouth is always dry but I feel like I’m just symptom spotting lol
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    @mvc003 I pretty much take whatever gummy is on sale. Right now I have vita fusion prenatal gummies. They have DHA as well. Last time I couldn't stomach the regular pills so I'm just starting off with the gummies this time. 

    Happy Friday guys :) So annoying, I went for a jog yesterday and turned my ankle really sharply, and it still hurts today even after I iced it. It's snowing here today so at least I won't be tempted to try to run on it. Also, I'm annoyed that I had to come to work. The snow is not really that bad (mostly powder), but I might have worked from home except I left my laptop in the office last night, not thinking it was really going to snow. This place is pretty dead in inclement weather. Except for my supervisor, who legit thinks this place will burn to the ground if he does not come to work/be available at all times. He was on vacation last week and was on our company's instant message almost the entire time. 

    Edited for spelling.
  • @creamcheeseplease ooooh gummies! That’s a great idea. I take fiber gummies and love that it feels like a little treat. I’ll need to make a pharmacy run tomorrow. 

    And ouch!! 😣 So sorry about your ankle! I hope it feels better after more rest. Ugh supervisors like that are the worst. When I was younger, people like that used to make me feel guilty for having a life outside of work. Now I’m like ‘Dude, you’re on vacation. Enjoy your life!’
  • @mvc003 +1 for the gummies. I had really bad morning sickness when I was ku with my DD and the gummies were the only ones I could keep down. The gummies usually don't have iron in them, so you might need to get an additional iron supplement. 

    @creamcheeseplease That sucks. Ankle twist and sprains are the worst. I've had a few too many myself (thanks middle school and high school basketball).  Just remember to RICE: rest, ice, compression and elevation.  I hope your ankle feels better soon! 
    Me: 35  DH: 39
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013

    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17

    TTC #2: December 2018
    Mirena out 12/5/18
    BFP: 2/26/19 | EDD: 11/7/19
    <3 DS born 11/3/19 
  • I’ve been taking the prenatal gummies from Target.  

    Sorry about your ankle @creamcheeseplease.  This morning I woke up to more snow so I had to be super careful walking down my driveway.  Can winter please be over yet? 
  • @creamcheeseplease oh no! I hope your ankle is doing better today! 

    @mycousinvinnie yes come on spring!

    Got my follow up blood work results today from Wednesday (which was 4w2d) and it was over 1000 (1035 to be exact and up from 476 48hrs previously) so now they’ll call me next week to schedule my first appointment at 8-10 weeks but I’m pushing for 8 lol. I’m just so relieved it doubled.
  • @kopp5988 Congrats on an amazing beta!    :)  I hope you can get an appointment closer to 8 weeks.  I was able to get an appointment for the day before I hit 8 weeks, so I'll have my FX for you. 
    Me: 35  DH: 39
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013

    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17

    TTC #2: December 2018
    Mirena out 12/5/18
    BFP: 2/26/19 | EDD: 11/7/19
    <3 DS born 11/3/19 
  • Yayyy @kopp5988 That's awesome news!! I hope you can get an appointment on the earlier side. I won't see my doctor until the 8 week mark at I feel like I'm in an unknowing limbo! 

  • @klstone25 thanks! That’s great that you were able to get an appointment for right at the 8 week mark

    @mvc003 thanks! So does your doctor not do blood tests? 
  • Hey November 19 ladies! I finally got my app to work so I could post. I got a BFP Tuesday and happened to have an appointment with my dr that day but their urine test was negative. They drew blood and my levels were 15. I had more blood drawn Thursday and heard back today that it more than double and is now 68. According to my LMP I’m due around 11/8. This is my second baby. Our daughter was born June 2017 and I was active in that bmb. 
    We moved to AZ a year ago so I have to find an OB or midwife. I just went to a local one for a yearly exam but I’m not sure I want to stick with them. 
    I take the one a day prenatal and I take them at night. 
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  • @kopp5988 nope, not until the 8th week! Weird, right? They said they could bring me sooner if I was concerned. Ahhh I have no idea what I’m doing
  • @mvc003 my doctor doesn’t run betas either, unless the mother has a history of loss. I will be seen at 8+1. It was the same in my first pregnancy. It’s a tough wait! But try not to worry. Seems like so far many of us here will be waiting for around the 8week mark so we can all wait and count down together 🙂
  • @alm52386 congrats!! 

    Ugh it’s snowing again here. And a lot more than it did yesterday. really annoyed because I was hoping to not only get out and do my grocery shopping early but also try testing my ankle with a walk. @klstone25 I did ice yesterday all evening while watching tv and it helped a lot although I’m definitely 100% yet. MH and I started watching Safe on Netflix. Anyone seen it? We are enjoying it! 
  • @creamcheeseplease thank you for that!! I definitely spent a while last night reviewing my OBs credentials and reviews to make sure he wasn’t a quack lol 🙈 

    @alm52386 congrats!! 

    I havent been able to sleep through the night. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep. Today I woke up at 1am and 4:45am 😭 I am so tired!! 
  • @mvc003 I’m also having some weird midnight wake ups and insomnia. I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep until over an hour later. I’ve been waking up at 3:30 like clockwork the past few nights. It’s not fun!
  • Hi everyone!

    I got two suuuuuper light BFPs on some wondfos yesterday (the kind where you're not really sure, but when you take a picture and add a filter you can see it, haha!), and took a FRER this morning and confirmed! Based on LMP, due date should be November 13th.

    This is #2 for us; our daughter is 3 years old. I was on The Bump during my first pregnancy as well, but haven't been on since then. Layout and stuff has changed since 2015, so I'm having a little bit of a learning curve figuring out navigation... Just saying that makes me feel old, lol.

    I haven't called my doctor yet, but unless things have changed since my first pregnancy, they won't see me at all until 10 weeks. :(

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