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Group 3 Check-In (7/17-7/24) week of 2/18


Re: Group 3 Check-In (7/17-7/24) week of 2/18

  • Seeing @leendenny 's HDBD post reminded me of my rant!

    I purged allllllllll of my maternity clothes on a particularly rough day in 2017, not long after baby #3 was born.  So this time around I started with zero clothes.  I'm so angry about it because over 3 pregnancies I had accumulated a really cute maternity wardrobe!  Anyway, I bought a few things online, mostly spring/summer stuff on clearance, thinking I would not need winter clothes this time around.  Well the joke's on me because I don't fit in anything but maternity clothes already. And I am just too cheap to buy anything knowing I'll only wear them for a few more weeks.  Hubs keeps telling me to buy some stuff, but I just can't do it. I'm so cheap. Cheap and poorly dressed.
  • @cbeanz I feel you on this. I purged all of mine maternity clothes, including a really nice dress, 3 years ago. I don't want to waste money on too much maternity (although leggings/pants are inevitable) and so I've tried to find maternity/nursing tops that I can at least keep wearing while nursing + I've bought a couple loose-fitting tops from my regular brands that should fit through at least the next few months, and I'll gladly wear after pregnancy. 
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  • @Cbeanz I purged all of my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy because they were all way to big. Luckily my sister gave me her stuff and we have similar taste in clothes. The only things I’ve bought have been super cheap. I just got lucky.
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  • @cbeanz maybe you can check at a consignment store for one pair of pants or something to get you through? 
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