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Group 3 Check-In (7/17-7/24) week of 2/18

Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):

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GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? (Stolen from groups 1 and 2)

Re: Group 3 Check-In (7/17-7/24) week of 2/18

  • @hestia14 babies bodies cannot regulate temperature, so it’s usually better for them to be bundled in a cool room than unable to cool down in a warm one. That being said, I think for me it was important to have DS close by for the first few weeks while I figured things out and my anxieties calmed down. If you’re breastfeeding it may be easier than having to keep getting up and moving  around throughout the night. 
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  • @hestia14
    We had planned to have our first in his nursery from the start (in our old small house- across the hall from us, literally two steps out my bedroom door) but once we brought him home I had a massive change of heart and couldn't have him that far from me haha. He slept in bassinet beside me for first two months. That was long enough for us to get into a good groove and feel comfortable. Then he slept in his nursery. You will know what feels right for you guys! 
  • @canuckmomma I am right there with you on the ftm experience of baby blues and ppd. I look back and pictures of me from those first few weeks and it's obvious something is up. I'm not smiling, I'm just blank. Exhaustion, healing from surgery, struggling to breastfeed and trying to figure out how to take care of a tiny new baby really takes a lot out. It's smart to plan for it the second time around, but I'm also looking forward to knowing what to do and not being so worried about every little thing this time. 

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 7/19 18w+3d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Artichoke (or a pear, according to Sprout)

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Green

    Upcoming Appointments: Monthly prenatal on Thursday, US on the 26th. 

    How are you feeling?: Definitely a little harder to get around now that my belly is getting a bit crowded but I went out and walked a couple times yesterday and felt good. My anxiety is lessening with LO's movements, I haven't felt the need to pull out the doppler for a week now and am really looking forward to my ultrasound next week. I definitely need to get on-track with healthy eating though because every time I eat something I should not the reflux rages on. 

    Rants/Raves:  Rant/ I'm pretty mad at myself for how I've been eating lately. I need to get back on a plant & protein heavy diet with no gluten and reduced starches and sugars. It's just been hard to keep up with because I'll make a salad one day and the next it sounds disgusting. I'm hoping I can push through with a good array of healthy alternatives soon. Rave/ We are finally getting some vacations on the calendar as a family. One at the beach before LO and one in the mountains for after. I'm hoping we can squeeze in at least one additional trip before LO too. 

    Questions: Are you planning your first trip with LO yet? 

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? (Stolen from groups 1 and 2) I'm not really worried about much although I'm hoping LO is good riding in the car. DS hated the car from the start and it was pretty isolating to have to keep him home instead of venturing out and about. We have a trip planned that is a 2 hour drive at 4 weeks old so hopefully it won't be too rocky. The good thing this time is for local stuff, we have access to excellent public transportation and live in a walkable area. Other than that,  I just have a lot of regular "oh sh*t" moments when I realize I'm going to have a newborn in 6 months! 
  • @blackhottamales I'm also on team little to no breast change and I wish they would grow haha. My bras are a little tighter but I can't fit into anything larger and I've yet to find a maternity bra that fits properly. 
  • @canuckmomma Are you still sleeping on your back? You are saying you are snoring (more common when sleeping on back) and having a Charley Horse (known to be affected by blood flow in your vena cava). If you are having your vena cava cut off by your baby's weight, you could be getting the Charley Horse from that. 
  • @mamanbebe
    Thanks ladies... I totally appreciated the support here too! It makes a difference to bond with women at the same stages. This go around I feel way more prepared for the emotional aspects. Didn't expect them to be so strong last time!

    I have been switching from left side to back. I've just started using my preggo pillow and I start on my side and in my sleep i must migrate to my back. So that very well could be the issue. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 18th

    Baby is the size of a(n): sweet potato 

    Team blue

    Upcoming Appointments: anatomy scan this Friday! Very excited 

    How are you feeling?: better then last week


    Questions: none

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? (Stolen from groups 1 and 2) Just the stress of new baby, new house and new job all within a few months of each other. Im worried its going to be overwhelming and i wont handle it well.
  • @hestia14 I also can't fit into my pre-preg "normal" size bras... I have pulled out my old bigger sizes and actually only 2 fit nicely. I think I am going on the bra hunt as well pretty soon. DH is loving this stage as well hahaha
  • @blackrosevamp With my first my husband started a new job while I was pregnant in Feb (2016) we had DS later in Sept 16, we sold our first home and moved to new home in July 17 and I started a new position at work after Mat leave in Aug of 17. It was a LOT of big things in the span of a year. It can be done just remember everything is a phase and you can do it!
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:  18+3

    Baby is the size of a(n): Sweet Potato

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Green!

    Upcoming Appointments: OB appt 2/25 and anatomy US 2/26 (annoyed I couldn't stack the appointments because it's a 45 minute hike from work...wahhh)

    How are you feeling?: Feeling great! Lots and lots of movement which is sooo reassuring. I had pneumonia a few weeks ago and was in the hospital for a week. I am just getting back to trying to exercise a little and it's nice to be active again.

    Rants/Raves: I guess I'm feeling very mild today- can't think of anything but will update if I do! 

    Questions: I would love to know how much weight everyone has gained. I'm at about +10 lbs which freaks me out a little. It's much better than last pregnancy where I gained 60lbs total, but I am really worried I'm already ruining my chances of trying to keep my gain to 25-30 lbs...

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? (Stolen from groups 1 and 2) I work in the public school system. I have summers off and usually I keep my daughter home with me. I am struggling with whether I should keep her in daycare for the summer or if I will be able to handle having a 3 year old at home with me and also manage a newborn. Mostly, I'm wondering how I can catch up on sleep when possible during the day with an awake toddler at home? Any experience?

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  • @leendenny I'm 18+5 (FTM) and I've gained 11 pounds so far: 3 pounds in the last week alone! (For context, I started at a normal BMI and am fairly active and muscular, but short.) My doctor says I'm right on schedule and my mom tells me that most of the weight gain happens in the second trimester. I'm trying not to get too worried, but I'm hoping that 3-pound weeks don't become a trend...
  • @hestia14 I plan on having the baby in our room just due to my anxiety and I think I'll feel more comfortable being able to keep an eye on the baby without getting out of bed. Our baby's room is right next to our room but I'll move the baby once I feel comfortable. 

    @blackhottamales I am a crier too! My husband hates when I cry, but I always tell him sometimes I'm just crying because it's the easiest emotion for me to show. 

    @hakele I swear we are so similar its weird! I am the same way, very low key, and not shitting rainbows and sprinkles over this pregnancy. 

    @foodislove I'm glad you are getting out ahead of the PPD and managing it now and you are aware of what to look for if it starts to happen again! 

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 24, 17+6

    Baby is the size of a(n): Turnip

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): Finding out

    Upcoming Appointments: March 13 AS scan.. although I am going to try to get in a week earlier since I'll be 21weeks at that point.. My hospital is down a tech and said that is the soonest they have available.. :neutral:

    How are you feeling?: Major lower back pain going on, think I did too much yard work, bending over and pulling weeds... also my hips are killing me at night, have a small pregnancy pillow but it just doesn't help, makes me more annoyed than it does help.. also heartburn is no joke.. never had it before and now I get it ALL the time it feels like

    Rants/Raves: Rant: I need to buy some more maternity shirts, but I can't find anything that I really like, everything is so "I'm pregnant" and in your face. I just want t-shirts that are plain and not empire waist!!  Also side rant, when people ask me if I am excited about the baby and I say sure, I feel like I'm being judged because I am beaming saying I'm so excited. I am not a person who gets excited, even on my wedding day and leading up to it I got the same questions and got the same judgy look. It would drive my MIL crazy that I wasn't as happy as she wanted me to be. I am happy don't get me wrong, but my happy isn't everyone's expectations. Just frustrating. 

    Questions: If you are having a baby shower, when are you planning on holding it? 

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? I'm worried about a lot TBH, I don't have a ton of experience with NBs and I know I'll figure it out as we go along, but all the unknowns scare me. I worry about how I am going to feel emotionally. I don't handle change too well and this is going to be a huge change. 
  • @leendenny I'm not 100% sure because I've been having some scale issues but I think I've gained 3lbs so far, but I remember reading recently that 5-10 is a normal range at this point. I think I'm only at this weight because I had so little appetite during the first tri and was having digestive woes for weeks. On summer childcare, I always keep DS (4.5) in school during the summer because the routine and getting to see friends every day has been great for him since he's not old enough to make his own plans. I think it's especially important for them to maintain their schedule and sameness after a new sibling arrives. I was talking to the school director about this a week or two ago and she says that most children benefit from staying in childcare with the arrival of the sibling because it allows them to a) keep a routine b) have their own thing going on that is not affected by the baby and c) have less downtime at home where they are feeling ignored because the baby needs so much care at first. That aside, I think it will definitely be a lot easier if you do have a chance to rest when baby rests, without trying to keep up with your toddler too. 

    @foodislove I'm glad Zoloft and vacation are cutting you a break this week <3 On PPD and BB, I wouldn't worry about crying and being sad around your older kiddo as long as you talk about it. Feelings are meant to come out and if you're feeling down, just let them know in simple terms that you are feeling sad, why it's happening and what you're doing to comfort yourself. I still get sad and cry around my son sometimes but I always tell him what's up and he's ok with that, and has also learned to be pretty introspective about his feelings as a little dude. 

    @blackrosevamp So many new things all at once! I hope everything comes along smoothly and without much stress <3 

    @ccmama3 Good luck at your appt! I'm eager to know if you hold out or find out! 

    @hakele Ah! The belly touching! I've only had it happen once, outside of DS, and it was a little weird but also from someone I adore. FX that we get no strangers trying to touch our utes. 

  • @jennm0724 Have you tried Kohl's maternity? The one near me has a small maternity section and they had several basic t-shirts with side ruching. I also found clearance nursing tanks for $1.80 and workout shorts for $3.00!
    My shower will be about 6 weeks before my EDD. I think that's around the target most people aim for. 
  • @leendenny I started out with high BMI (37 i think) so my goal is 10-15 lbs total.  I lost 7 in the first few weeks and as of last week's appointment i'm up 1 lb (net down 6).  I'm still really nervous because I know sometimes there can be a week with 3+lb weight gain so I'm constantly trying to make sure i get enough healthy calories.  Don't get me wrong, the last week has been really hard! so last night i made chicken and broccoli for my lunches this week.  not my favorite meal but it gives me good stuff for my growing little one.  This is a long rant to say--i hear you, i'm worried too regarding weight gain.  Since you're healthy now (glad to hear you're better!) do you think some of the weight gain was just from not being able to move around? I added a second walk with my dog (still quick because it's super cold) during the weekdays now that the sun is still out later and prenatal yoga weekly through our community ed.  

    @jennm0724 isn't that the worse when YH gets angry that you are crying. I'm like--it's just how my emotions show.  Whether i'm frustrated, tired, hungry, or sad--i cry.  My baby shower is April 13th--but i'm flying to mine so it had to be somewhat 'early'. 

  • @blackhottamales he doesn't get angry, he just feels bad for me and wants to know what he can do to make it stop and its like sometimes there are no stopping the tears!! 
  • @jennm0724 oh YH is much more sensitive than mine. Mine gets annoyed (not angry--that was a poor choice of word) He is just knows it's not a big deal.  My issue is if he didn't react, I'd get over it super fast and we could all move on, but when i see his annoyance it fuels the tears.  
  • runsoncoffeerunsoncoffee member
    edited February 2019
    Anatomy scan went well today!! Baby was sooo active and looks healthy! I'm feeling relieved I went ahead and requested to see MFM. The doc is just so good and was reassuring that I advocated for myself appropriately. He agreed with the cholestasis diagnosis (my OB did not, but will go with what MFM says). I go back for another ultrasound in six weeks and then will come up with a plan of care for the rest of the pregnancy. I stayed strong and am still team green!! I reallyyy want to know but for now I'm staying strong.
    ETA... team anterior placenta here so explains why I've hardly felt any movement! Another relief!

    @leendenny I'll be on my own (after the first couple weeks) with my two boys and baby. My oldest will be 3 in July and my youngest will be 1.5 at that point. Same when I had my second. I was really nervous about not being able to take cat naps when baby did like I did with my first, but honestly you just figure it out! Does your 3 year old still nap or at least do a quiet time? That was my saving grace was I knew I'd have a couple hours in the afternoon. If you can financially swing it you might enjoy having some one on one time with baby and sending your older one to daycare... can you do part time? You could send your oldest for a couple days a week maybe! Anyway, whatever you choose will be just fine!! You make it work. Maybe your toddler watches a little more tv than usual but that's ok! To be honest though, I felt the transition from 1 to 2 was easier than 0 to 1 and I wasn't desperately in need of naps all the time so you never know, the same might be true for you!
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 21

    Baby is the size of a(n): Artichoke!

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): GREEN

    Upcoming Appointments: AS this Friday! I am excited even though I will have to look away for part it it. :) I am taking my oldest (3) and a sweet friend from Church who only has sons that are having babies. I thought she might not get invited to such an appointment (I would never take my own MIL) AND she never had an ultrasound with any of her 4 pregnancies. :o 

    How are you feeling?: I had some good energy for a little bit but am back to frequent naps. It's not the end of the world, I know, but I was enjoying those extra hours of the day! 

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? First world problem here... We eat out pretty frequently and were worried that would come to a stop when #2 was born. Turns out they are both super well behaved, so we haven't had to cut back. I am scared this will be the tipping point though. With no longer fitting at a 4 top, extra mouths to feed, and extra bodies to manage, it may DO US IN! 
  • @jennm0724 We are SO alike, it is crazy! Every time you talk about how you are feeling and stuff, I'm like, OMG, that is EXACTLY what I'm feeling! I love it. So funny. 
    I'm completely with you. People are like, "Are you so excited?" And my kind of flat response is, "Yeah, it is pretty cool." But again, I'm SO low-key, I feel so judged. 
    Also, my husband is really sensitive. He isn't used to seeing me cry or get emotional, so that happening, me getting easily angry or just super annoyed at him. He doesn't quite know what to do because he isn't used to it.
    Fingers crossed that you can get in earlier! 

    I'm planning a "baby barbeque" for Memorial Day Weekend, I think.   
  • @canuckmomma @mamanbebe thanks 

    @leendenny ive gain about 8 lbs but weight gain scars the crap out of me because over the last 2 years ive lost a little over 100 lbs and i dont every want to be that heavy again. My scale has a pregnancy setting and shows that im on track, 5 to 10 lbs is normal for where im at.

    @jennm0724 im hoping for a shower sometime at the end of may/ beginning of june. I dont want it any earlier because i take night classes and the semester wont be over till mid may. 
  • @leendenny - If your 3y/o doesn't nap any more, could you employ a 'quiet time' of sorts during one of the baby's naps? Maybe with some favorite books/toys/stickers/etc. in their room for a set amount of time? We use our OK to wake alarm at nap/quiet time, and I know a lot of the time he is back there awake. 
  • @jennm0724 - I don't say this to try to minimize your worries, but I think it's a learning curve for everyone. And you won't need to know EVERYTHING at once - just the things that will get you through the first weeks. My best advice is to learn everything you can from the nurses while you're in the hospital! They have cared for countless babies and are a wealth of knowledge about swaddling, feeding, bathing... Don't be shy about asking for explanations or having them swaddle the baby SLOWLY so you can follow along. 
  • @hakele it makes me laugh how similar we are.. and if I'm not crazy I swear I read in some other thread that you have a Kia... I too drive a Kia, although mines an Optima LOL! and I did get my appointment changed! March 6th!! feels like a major victory getting it scheduled one week earlier LOL! 

    @blackrosevamp I was thinking around that time frame as well, maybe first weekend in June.. my wedding anniversary is memorial day weekend  

    @nerdtoyourmother thank you, I will be sure to ask a ton of questions. I know that we all learn as we go, just seems so daunting on some days. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 21 \ 18w4d

    Baby is the size of a(n): artichoke

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): finding out

    Upcoming Appointments: AS - March 8th, Midwife March 12th :smiley:

    How are you feeling?: pretty normal. 

    Rave: had to do the early GD test, the very in depth one that pretty much says if you have it or not, and thankfully all came back GOOD! have to go through that process again after 24 weeks, but will keep positive until then. Also, now that my tummy is growing and more visible i can see that DH is getting more into it :blush: hard for them to get into it when they can't see or feel any of the things we do. 

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? (Stolen from groups 1 and 2) just the usual things i guess - colic, life with 2 (although my DD is 10 so she will be helpful), we love to travel - so will this baby travel as well as my first. 

    @leendenny i've pretty much maintained my weight since getting pregnant. i had a high BMI to begin with so gaining i have to keep at a minimum, MW says between 11-20 lbs total. so i think i'm doing okay so far. they dont seem concerned at this point. however i am noticing these days i am hungrier more frequently, so now might be the time where things will change. 

    @jennm0724 i think my girls are planning my shower for around 2nd weekend in june. I am also going to plan a little rum tasting and pamper party for the hubby. it's his first and i want to do something special for him. :smile:

    @mamanbebe we are definitely starting to plan trips with the LO already. Planning to go to the Caribbean for christmas this year, to spend it with my in-laws, and will bring my mom along, so both sets of grandparents can spend the baby's first christmas together. We definitely intend on spending as much of the winter in places that are hot, as long as the finances permit :smile:

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 18w6d

    Baby is the size of a(n): 

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out):

    Upcoming Appointments: 
    Anatomy scan March 4th

    How are you feeling?: 
    Good and getting more energy 

    I felt the baby move from the outside and it was amazing and I forgot how much I love it. 


    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? (Stolen from groups 1 and 2)
    adjusting to my oldest starting kinder and getting out every day to get her to school while entertaining our middle. 

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  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 7/23/19/ 18w 2days

    Baby is the size of a: Cucumber 

    Team: finding out 7/26

    Upcoming Appointments: 2/26 Anatomy Scan

    How are you feeling?

     I’m feeling excited about finding out our Baby’s gender we’re on Baby number 5 so this is a tie breaker ❤️

    I have gained 16 lbs and I’m feeling down about it because my doctor said to really only gain 15-20 throughout the pregnancy 🤦🏻‍♀️😫


    Extremely nervous about exclusively breastfeeding, with my youngest child who is now 4 I tried and he wouldn’t latch. I pumped for a little while but my milk supply was a hot low mess. With taking breastfeeding classes now I’m understanding why I may have had issues like not drinking enough water, I wasn’t relaxed I was super depressed but now I’m feeling much happier and taking good care of myself plus my nipples don’t invert anymore. Once I lost a few lbs they just pop out I no longer have my nipple piercings but shoot they helped too with the inverted nipples I had😂😂😂😂❤️👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 Hello Hunnies glad to have this group I needed to let that out😂😂😂 I wish I had a pregnancy buddy here in Baltimore delivering around the same time. 

  • @britbrat916 I'm not in Baltimore but I'm in NOVA area so somewhat close. We come up to the Harbor to take M to the aquarium occasionally.
  • @britbrat916 I'm not in Baltimore but I'm in NOVA area so somewhat close. We come up to the Harbor to take M to the aquarium occasionally.
    Omg that’s so good!!!!!!😍at what hospital are u gonna give birth?
  • Jumping back on to add a QUESTION... I don't want to be one of THOSE women who shows a grainy 8 week ultrasound and asks for gender guesses, but I wonder if my tech didn't give me a big clue this morning (while I am trying to remain TEAM GREEN). I am fully prepared for a flaming if y'all think I am being a cotton headed ninny muggins.

    I told her that I didn't want to know the sex, and she made it all the way to the leg bones and hadn't told me to look away. I asked if I needed to, and she said 'do you work in radiology?' 'No.' 'Then you probably wouldn't know you are looking at.' 

    And that makes me think GIRL. Because surely one would know if they were looking at boy parts, right? But maybe the baby was just at an angle where she was never right in between the legs? Thoughts? Feelings? 
  • @nerdtoyourmother I hate to say it but the 3rd baby did us in! We weren't that big on going out after the 2nd was born, but it just became so unenjoyable with 3 that we gave up. You can make it work but it might just not be fun until they can behave. It sounds like yours are good at being in public so maybe #3 will be too. I keep telling myself there will be a renaissance. Someday. 

    @leendenny I've gained 11lb. It's more than I gained by this point with my other 3 but I've also felt shitty so I'm working out less. I tend to gain more at the beginning and then I run out of room at the end. 

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 7/18

    Baby is the size of a(n): artichoke?

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): green

    Upcoming Appointments: 2/27 A/S

    How are you feeling?:
    Sick with the cold from hell for over a week. Trouble sleeping because I have so much sinus swelling it's hard to breathe.  Pregnancy/energy wise I'm doing ok!

    Rants/Raves: I had one but I forgot it!  I'll post once I remember :-)

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here?
    Mainly just having no help. It's always an adjustment to add a baby but with grandparents not doing so well we are really on our own. Also the childcare situation is going to be insane. 3 in daycare and one in kindergarten is going to cost a fortune, and the drop off and pickup is draining and so time consuming. That won't start until early 2020 when I'm back to work but I'm already dreading it!
  • Thank you for all of your responses to my weight gain question and also all of your input about keeping my toddler home with a newborn.  Our daycare is ridiculously cheap so I think we are going to keep her spot and send her a few days (maybe even full time at first) and then let her stay home and me and baby as I get into the swing of things again.  

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  • @nerdtoyourmother You typically need to look at the butt image from underneath because baby boy penises are teensy but you can tell from their testis/scrotum, which isn't really visible from the side.  
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