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Group 1 Check In (7/1-7/8) w/o 2/18


Re: Group 1 Check In (7/1-7/8) w/o 2/18

  • Okay, I realized I actually do have a question this week: does anyone else feel like this "amazing pregnancy hair/pregnancy glow" thing is just not happening for them? Because apart from the horrible hormonal acne I got in the first few weeks before morning sickness kicked in, I feel like I've just looked...normal. Is it possible to age out of the pregnancy glow opportunity?
  • @pizzaplz I don’t think I have it, but other people tell me I do. 🤷🏻‍♀️  Some even claim that’s how they knew I was pregnant. 
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  • mrscammackmrscammack member
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    @pizzaplz I’ve never glowed. My first pregnancy my skin was terrible, full of zits. And this go around it’s just dry. And usually I lose hair so definitely don’t get the gorgeous shiny hair people talk about. I think it’s just one of those bad luck things! 

    Im also only 26 so I definitely don’t think it’s an age thing!
  • @pizzaplz With DD, I had horrendous acne, had to see a dermatologist once every two weeks, and it didn’t do any good. My hair was glorious though. 

    With th this baby (a boy), I haven’t had any cystic acne like I did with DD, and my hair is pretty chill right now too. After about 6 months PP, my hair started falling out, and it’s just now starting to grow back so I’ve got cute little baby hairs starting! I guess each pregnancy is different. 

    I bet you have the pregnancy glow, you just don’t realize it! 
  • @pizzaplz - I think the only reason I notice my hair is because its typically fine and on the thin side. It's definitely a little fuller right now. This is also #3 and I've seen the amount that falls out after. 😖 My skin still breaks out occasionally, but everyone else tells me I have a glow. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: July 8, 20+5

    Baby is the size of a(n): 

    Team (Green, Blue, Pink, Finding out): team blue X's two 👶👶

    Upcoming Appointments: this Tuesday I meet for my regular monthly appointment and I have another ultrasound with the MFM Dr. 

    How are you feeling?: overall I feel really good. Aches and pains but nothing crazy

    Rants/Raves:  people telling me that my stomach looks so tiny for carrying twins. 

    Questions: has anyone ever dealt with a velamentous cord before? 

    GTKY: What are you most worried about once baby is here? I'm worried about a nicu stay - twins and a few other problems that could lead to that .
  • @hellmanpartyof5 I had GD with my first. This time around they tested me at 10 weeks (since I had it previously) I failed the 1 hr test so I told my OB I didn't feel it was necessary for me to do the three hour one since we all knew I had it again. The diabetes specialist had me start testing my blood right away and I'm actually on insulin this time around. 
  • @pizzaplz I get dry skin...and I'm pretty sure I must look as green as I feel most of the time. But my skin and hair overall look better than normal during pregnancy. I don't wear makeup normally (other than mascara) so I can see a difference:) And I've been lucky so far that my hair doesn't fall out after pregnancy so I'm hoping the same will be true this time!
  • @cb123391thats what I’m nervous about. I went undiagnosed until I delivered my twins my last pregnancy. I did fail my test, but my ob was like “eh you have twins, you’re fine.” He’s was ridiculously negligent my entire pregnancy. I also had preeclampsia, so that’s a worry too. Hopefully if I do I can manage it fairly well. 
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