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Thoughts on the name Dorothy? Nickname would be Dot. 

Any other names with dot as a nickname? 

My my other two girls are Le.ona & Sl.oane 


Re: Dorothy

  • I like Dorothy! I am not into "sibsets" like a lot of people are, but some may say Dorothy sounds "old school" compared to sloan and leona.  Honestly, each kid is their own person and will not always be known together.  

    Other names you could consider: 

  • It’s “meh” for me. I can’t think of any nicknames aside from Dot/Dottie.

    If you consider Dorothea, she could go by Thea.

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  • I don’t love it either. I feel like it’s one of those older names that hasn’t really made a comeback.  Thea is an adorable nickname for Dorothea though. 
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  • I do love Dorothy but it’s a hard no on calling her Dot.  It’s just so blah compared to Dorothy.  

    I do like the nn Thea. 
  • Dorothy is good. Solid name to age well and I think Dot and Dottie is a fun spin especially as a kid

  • I like Dorothy but it does feel somewhat mismatched with the siblings. Dot is a cute nickname.
  • NAF of Dorothy. I don’t see the appeal myself.

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    @little_bren just trying to find a name my husband and I don’t hate. It’s hard. 😭
  • I like it and think Dot is an adorable nickname!
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  • Love it! Dot is awesome!
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  • Agree with PP suggestion of Dorothea nn being Thea
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  • NAF of Dorothy and definitely NAF of Dot. I just keep thinking of Spaceballs and the line "Dot! Dot...Matrix!". While kids her age probably won't get the reference, adults might.
  • My two year old is a Dorothy. We call her Dottie, but she introduces herself as Dorothy. 
  • I don't like the name Dorothy but I think Dot is such a cute nn.

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  • Love Dot. 
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  • I think its a nice 

  • I do think it's one of those older lady names not making a comeback quite yet! I've never liked it. Hard to say. I think of Wizard of Oz or The Golden Girls, which are positive associations. I just think the name is a mouthful and I'm not a fan of Dot or Dotty for people. I think it would be a cute name for a pet!! 

    I do like Dorthea better, nn Thea. I also like Dora, that's a cute name. I say if you love it, go for it. I think it's one of those names people either love or hate. You cant please everyone.
  • My parent almost named me Dorothy and I'm so glad they didn't. Ive personally never been a fan of the name. I do however, love the NM Dottie for a child.  

  • I love Dorothy nn Dot. I agree that it sounds old school, just like Leona! My great grandmother was named Leona. Anyways, Dorothy is a solid name that can grow with her.
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