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  • Ive started eating things I haven't eaten since I was 10.
    -frosted blueberry poptart
    -fruit loops
    -sour patch kids

    Also I had never eaten Takki's before but I just had to have a bag of "Fuego".
  • @LilyASF42 sounds yummy! I am having the same feelings but with MEXICAN! Give it all to me!!!! 

    I am also craving cheesy, salty, garlicky, vinegary foods. Pickles are life currently. Totally opposite of my cravings with DS. One thing that has stayed the same is my craving for sour! Nothing is sour enough! I pop Warheads 3 at a time. 
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  • I could've written your post @duewithpu2. I've been living on pickles, salsa, vinegar-based salad dressings... I can't get enough of the salty/ sour taste. 
  • @leanderthal7 I just LOLed at the Fuego comment.  The exact same thing happened to me last week.
  • @leanderthal7 I really want a poptart now that you've said that!! 
    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • I may have mentioned this here before, but Panera tomato soup is lyfe. 
  • @RedBreast35 I love their soups! I worked at a Panera for 6 months or so in college and I would always get a bowl of soup after work.

    I threw together a really yummy dinner last night: plain rice (uruchimai) topped with paper thin sliced beef (like in sukiyaki or shabu shabu) that I cooked in mirin, soy sauce, and brown sugar. It would've been even taster with a soft boiled egg, but oh well.
  • @themadcamel I would have been in so much trouble if I'd ever worked at Panera... mmmm....
    And your dinner sounds yummy!  salty and sweety and meaty  ;)
  • I have been craving potatoes like crazy lately. Mashed, baked, fries, doesn’t matter. Just give me the potatoes. 
  • @sahm89 YESSSSSSS! I ate so many of those after I had DS. They are SO FREAKIN AWESOME!! 

    @themadcamel, @RedBreast35 +1 for loving the Panera soups. I’m partial to the Chicken Noodle, tho. Also I love Chick-Fil-A’s CNS. Mmmm. So good!! 
  • @lillywonderland I've never had CFA soup!  I get so caught up in all the other deliciousness, I don't think I even realized they HAD soup!  
  • Have any of you been able to try the CFA mac & cheese? It's at a couple of the locations near me and oh good lord it's amazing.
  • @lillywonderland @RedBreast35 @cammie0526 how did I not know about all these CFA offerings?! I have literally only ever gotten chicken in some form.  There's one directly across the street from my office and perhaps I'll have to venture there for lunch. I wonder if the mac & cheese is better than Panera... because I LOVE theirs.
  • The worst (and probably best) thing restaurants ever did was start putting the calorie counts on their food.  @kiddiesandkitties I've never gotten Panera's mac and cheese (even though people RAVE about it) because I can't get over how bad it is for me. 
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    CFA also does a pretty good Chicken Tortilla Soup. But I still prefer the chicken noodle. 

    @RedBreast35 I was looking at our soda vending machine yesterday and it says (I’m paraphrasing since I don’t have a photographic memory) “Check our the calorie count, then make an informed decision”. I lol’d in my head.

    *eta spelling - soDa not soFa. LOLOLOL!
  • @RedBreast35 Yes, the calorie count is a blessing and a curse.  It's saved me from making some impulsive decisions, but has also taken the joy out of cheat days!  Like, really, I'm at DQ - I KNOW everything is terrible for me, can you please just hide those counts while I'm here?  

    My day yesterday was an onslaught of unhealthy foods.  It was amazing.  DH brought me a Chicago dog and fries for lunch (yes, I ate a hot dog.  REBEL.).  We had cuban sandwiches for dinner (pickles and mustard are my soulmates right now).  Unsurprisingly, I had wicked heartburn last night.   :D I'm trying to get back on the "more reasonable but come on you're still pregnant" train today.   :p 
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    @mamaber2204 bring on the processed meats! I had bacon yesterday too, so I’m basically a mad woman.

    ETA: I stopped at Taco Bell for a crunch wrap supreme at 7:45AM because baby needed it.
  • @duewithpu2 HA!  Baby needed AM Taco Bell?  Amazing!  There's one on my way home from work that I've never stopped at in our 4.5 years of living in this house but it's lately been beckoning to me.  Last week when I was so busy with work (and not bumping) I went to a sushi joint and ordered two safe rolls (cooked, no tuna, etc).  It was GLORIOUS.  
  • @cammie0526 I'M SORRY. Did you just say CFA Mac n Cheese? I need this in my life. Right now. 

    @duewithpu2 was it the breakfast crunch wrap or the regular one? I ask because the breakfast one is BOMB.
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @zuuls_mom a regular one because I am an animal 😩
  • @duewithpu2 no you are not! Taco Bell is amazing at any time of day. I've been craving it for weeks and just haven't caved. It will be happening soon though lol. 
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • Tragedy: I live nowhere near any of the cities that CFA is offering mac and cheese.  I shall continue to avoid Panera's nutrition facts and eat their deliciously cheesy macaroni while pretending I ordered it for my kids.
  • @duewithpu2 @zuuls_mom FFTC- I've never eaten at Taco Bell.  (Or Five Guys.  Or Boston Market.  Or Arby's.  Or In-N-Out.  Or Jimmy Johns.  MH and I were just talking about this the other night. He, on the other hand, has never before IN HIS LIFE eaten a bagel with cream cheese.)
    I can put a hurting on some CFA or Wendy's though.
  • @RedBreast35 How have you made it this far in life without having tried any of those chains?  I mean, good for you because we all need a little less fast food in our lives, but how?!  
  • Oh you guys!! :'( I can’t wait until we get a CFA in Michigan! I think there’s only two in the state on university campuses nowhere near me.

    @lillywonderland I’m not asking myself why I ever stopped making them!? They’re awesome & my kids love them too!
  • @RedBreast35 You can take or leave Boston Market. I wouldn't go out of my way for it.  Five Guys fries on the other hand, YUM.  Arbys is just terrible. 
    WTF is wrong with your DH?!!? Somebody get that man a bagel!! 
  • @sahm89 Not sure where you are located in Michigan, but by me there is a CFA in Somerset Mall.  And then they are going to open one in sterling heights and one in novi

  • @monkeysmom80 oh good to know! I live a little over an hour north of there.
  • @RedBreast35 I commend you! I’ve never eaten at Boston Market or Jimmy Johns either. I also don’t like cream cheese, so I’ve never eaten a bagel with it! I’ve only had CFA once and didn’t like it. 

    @kiddiesandkitties They sell Panera Mac and Cheese at Walmart! It’s just as good as the real deal IMO. In mine they keep it by the deli with the hummus! Much more convenient than actually going to Panera. 

    There was a call in topic topic on the radio the other day called “late to the party” where people called in saying things they’ve never done. This lady was in her 40s and HAD NEVER EATEN A SINGLE CARB IN HER LIFE. She had also just tried cheese for the first time a few weeks prior. She said her mom was psycho about their diet growing up and she just continued the habits into adulthood. 
  • @RedBreast35 yaaassss. Love CFA and I can definitely get down on a Wendy's Spicy Chicken sandwich. So. Good. 
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @sahm89 I've never made them without the brewer's yeast...kinda selfishly because I told DH they were my special snacks for breastfeeding that contained a special ingredient. I'm like 90% certain the brewers yeast is totally okay for dudes to consume though (to o lazy to confirm rn). LOLOLOLOL! 
  • @lillywonderland let's hope it's OK for dudes - when I was bf-ing DH made great lactation cookies packed with the stuff, and he ate a lot of them :D
  • The security guard in my building just stopped me to tell me that Chic Fil A had a whole spread of food in the building next door and I should go get some.  I was just walking to the break room to heat up my lunch, so I left without my jacket (brrr) to pursue CFA.  Turns out you have to buy it.  No problem.  Except that I didn't have my debit card with me.  Dang it.  Came back and gave up on my CFA plan for the day.  Turns out they're there every TH from now on.  I was so excited for a second!
  • @mamaber2204 I grew up in Maine in a really rural area and all I can ever remember eating at for fast food was McDonalds, KFC, and Subway. I don’t even think most fast food chains even made it to Maine until fairly recently! 
    Now I have no excuse. I’m just not much of a fast food person 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • The best thing about Boston Market is the sides. Their mac and cheese is tasty, so are the sweet potatoes. 

    I legit cried when we moved and I was no longer near a Panera (literally ate there 3-4 times a week). The nearest one is now over an hour away. I hate being so rural with food cravings. No options!

    I think we need a vote and experimenting to find the best fast food mac and cheese. I had no idea some CFA had it! 

    Went to Dr this week. Apparently PopTarts no longer count as breakfast food. If it doesn't have protein it doesn't count as a meal. *sad trombone* 
  • @cheshyre319 I found a loophole in the protein/breakfast rule.  I just add a protein shake to my otherwise protein-lacking breakfast.  :):):)  Today I had cheerios w/ a banana and a protein shake.  Problem solved.
  • @mamaber2204 That is brilliant! Loopholes are amazing. 😁😁😁
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