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TBT: Coming Home

In honour of some of us starting to hit the half way mark, I thought we could do a Throw Back Thursday of coming home pics and/or ideas for coming home outfits.

STM+s let's see those squishy baby pics. FTMs any thoughts about what you'll bring baby home in?

Let's see everything you've got for bringing baby home!

Re: TBT: Coming Home

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  • @foodislove Winter Water Factory might have something soon -- they have a cute footed romper right now:

  • I meant to add, for this baby I’ve got a baby bear onesie that matches my daughters sister bear shirt. I’ll peobably bring him home
    in that with a little pair of newborn pants. I’ve never had a summer newborn but I’m assuming he won’t need anything heavy in the car seat since it’s so warm so I’m thinking it’ll be okay. 
  • Agreed @Cbeanz.  As a FTM with woefully little baby experience, I keep trying to imagine what these little tykes were like to hold.  It's kind of blowing my mind! lol
  • @Bear14+
    Both my girls have worn that sleeper too, well have to get a pic of baby boy in it 
  • I have a onesie that I'm using for our pregnancy announcement that says "you are my forever and ever" that is in the running. 
    My first was also a July baby and came home in a "Hello World" onesie with basic pants and my second was a Feb baby who came home in a side snap top and I think actually the same pants. Both of mine were about 6lbs, give or take, at discharge and were swimming in all their clothes.
  • I can’t find a picture my first coming home, but he wore a long sleeve onsie and a blue hat home. He was also a July baby. This baby will probably come home in a onsie and some pants. My first two were both 8lbs 10oz and went home in newborn outfits, but they just barely fit, so we will probably bring a newborn option and a 0-3 outfit, we will see how this baby measures. 
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  • My mom has the onesie that my dad was brought home in, and me and my sister. I think we’ll do that, for sentimental reasons! 
  • We got rid of almost everything newborn size. We kept a couple sentimental outfits like the girls' (winter) coming home clothes. But since it's July and since we're team green we might just bring home in a white onesie. Poor 4th baby. We'll see, maybe we'll buy a neutral newborn outfit... I love the "new to the crew" shirt!!! It'd be really fitting.
  • We only have 2 newborn size sleepers. The one DD came home in (the one in the pic) and a matching one that came with it. I imagine we'll bring this LO home in one of them. I did buy a newborn size summer romper incase the temperature is too hot for the sleeper.
  • @nopegoat copper pearl has the best swaddles!!! They are my fav :love:
  • @ccmama3 this will be my first go with them so I'm glad to hear theythey are good! I have completely fallen in love with all the colors and patterns!! 
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  • @nopegoat also check out Lou Lou and Co! Similar style, but more simple patterns. The only down fall to copper pearl is that they do get a little pilly if you dry them in the drier. They are so soft though and since they are large you get a perfectly tight swaddle!
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    @ccmama3 just checked them out!! I'm in love! 😍😍😍

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  • Love this thread!! Adorable pictures! Other than naming the baby, this is the main disagreement I have with hubby. He wants to buy a name brand onesie set for bringing baby home. Like $200.... not my thing to splurge on. Only thing holding him back is this brand doesn’t have the design how he envisions it. What is available is basically a white onesie with pattern trim. Not worth the $$$ IMHO. Any suggestions on how to change his mind?!
  • @1stbabe719, I had a monogrammed outfit made for DD1. It certainly wasn’t $200, but it wasn’t cheap either. But then she was only 5.5 lbs and it was WAY too big. I had to send my sister to carters to pick up a preemie outfit so we’d have something to bring her home in. This is something that might not ever be worn. Don’t spend $200 on an outfit for a newborn, or any kid, ever 😂
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  • @1stbabe719 I like to splurge on baby clothes... but $200 for one outfit would be a huge nope for me! I bet you can find something just as special/adorable that your hubby would like for a lot less. 
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