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Running 1st trimester

I'm normally a marathon runner, but I'm struggling with running now that I'm pregnant. Treadmill is the worst, as I find it stuffy in the gym and I'm just SLOW compared to normal. It's too cold outside, but the one run I've done out there since pregnant felt great! Anyone else experiencing this? I'm 9 weeks, and I feel (1) SUPER deconditioned and (2) Like I have gained a ton of weight and it's slowing me down. Help! : :)

Re: Running 1st trimester

  • mboyer1mboyer1
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    Usually the first trimester your energy can be really low and you feel tired and sluggish. With both of my pregnancies, I felt much better in the second trimesters. Hang in there Mama, it should get better.
  • silver_leafsilver_leaf
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    Please, go easy. I don't have a medical background, though I know that it could be risky. Go easier on your body than you think necessary. I'd read about too many athletes keeping their mileage and pace up and that's not what my body required.
    Your body is working really really hard right now to create a placenta and all the gooey bits for bebe. So you will be fatigued and slow. It is what it is. I barely ran in 1st trimester. I did continue to walk instead till week 20 when I was put on bed rest. 
    You can get back into shape, and just wanted to add - my running is also better postpartum. I did lots of strengthening and light jogging a week after and now I just continue my workouts with ds.

    Just wanted to add, my kiddo is now 2.5 years old and I have been running with him since he was about 6 months old. When he was really young, he would fall asleep right away and nap for up to 1.5 hrs. I could get a great long run. Now that he is a bit older, he doesn't sleep, so I keep the runs to a maximum of 50 minutes. We have a chariot and a baby jogger. The chariot was the better stroller when he was young, but the baby jogger is more comfortable for him now. 

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